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Sujata Kale

Abstract Tragedy


Sujata Kale

Abstract Tragedy

कुस्करलेल्या कळ्यांचा न्याय

कुस्करलेल्या कळ्यांचा न्याय

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Where to keep

Am I myself?


Own cover- Pak.

How many times?

To get out of the house,

Why would anyone go without a need?

To walk in the dark.

That I was out

I-ba la dhakdhuk,

The fox, the wolf jumped

Why my mistake as a girl?

To give me freedom

Rama, Savitri jhatalya,

Now by my Holi

The smiles tied.

Making me by nature

Donated motherhood,

The demons of lust told me,

Priyanka was never fearless.

Breaking my limbs,

They have no age restriction,

Ever daughter, sister, mother

Grandma doesn't leave either.

Cleaning is underway,

From the streets

The filth of lust is different,

From the heads of the wicked.

The heat of the body descends,

Crushing the buds

By tearing the body,

Sometimes with the burden of pregnancy.

Defamation will never stop

My-Lakey and Sunanchi

May the god of justice be awakened

Of crushed buds

There is no Ram here

Salvation of the present

Don't sacrifice for free

This is a woman for justice.

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