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Little Me
© Rebeka Priya Shepherd

Children Stories Others

She warns me what will the outcome be When oft I go astray Chides and compels read more

1     120    6    4667

The Lovely Cake
© Harshini Hariprasad kumar

Children Stories Others

There was a Cake, Green and read more

1     28    1    10224

© Debabrata Jena

Children Stories Others

India is our motherland It's having distinct culture Philosophy, art, music read more

1     338    31    7497

© Ajay Singla

Children Stories Others

Let them study, let them play, Let them dream night and read more

1     38    1    6653

© Namrata Garware

Children Stories Others

The vast blue sky turns grey in the rains. Have you ever asked read more

1     32    2    4489

© Debabrata Jena

Children Stories Others

My hand is my best friend Never quit me Help me, guide me always It read more

1     240    19    8271

© Premjit Sunil Gatigante

Children Stories Others

A friend is someone who knows you and likes you , Just the way you read more

1     98    2    10865

© Linnet Chahal

Children Stories Others

From being just the classmates Who knew would be such good read more

1     95    3    6641

© Praneetha Gutta

Children Stories Others

I am not a Monarch People call me Matriarch. I lead the herd of read more

1     107    17    1514

Splashing Childhood
© Raja Sekhar CH V

Children Stories Others

Life is the biggest gift of Mother, The splashing childhood is is always the best read more

1     117    4    8215

Vitamin D
© Alicia Bailey

Children Stories Others

A shadow cuts across the light as a bird flies to settle on the roof and the man read more

1     62    1    6654

To touch the sky
© Ashish Agrawal

Children Stories Others

I am a kite a I can go everywhere site by read more

1     56    4    9063

© Er Shine

Children Stories Others

Reminiscing the days from past The memories that had read more

1     20    0    11985

Happy Father's Day!
© Chan Desaanthiri

Children Stories Others

Mothers are precious, Without her love, we won't be there, Fathers are read more

1     95    1    8233

Fun in the pool
© Denzil Vonlintzgy

Children Stories Comedy +1

One morning we went to see some fin, The three of us were close as read more

1     28    1    8233

Be Free, Live Now!
© Himanshi Gupta

Children Stories Inspirational +1

Don’t pursue any course to study Pursue your dreams to make your life read more

1     70    1    6655

Joy Of Small Things
© Bipul Banerjee

Children Stories Others

Give them to the child in you A piece of paper, kite of happiness A soft read more

1     32    1    4495

As Long As It Smiles
© Hinal Mhatre

Children Stories Others

Out of my head, on the corner of my eyes, my childhood secrets come read more

1     244    3    6278

© Maheswar sahoo

Children Stories Others

Go to bed with joy and wait for moment. Open your eye of think read more

1     55    2    8227

Summers Are Fun!
© Anjali M Naik

Children Stories Others

Sun-kissed faces and windswept hair, Hat perched in style, backpacks on seat read more

1     297    45    1003

World Of Subjects
© Simran Gangaramani

Children Stories Others

Amalgamated with grammar, Makes students stammer. Goal to be read more

1     36    2    5470

© Ajay Singla

Children Stories Others

And now it’s the time, To write your will. Live life to the full, Takeno read more

1     260    24    1824

Hidden Secret
© Lalitha Balasubramanian

Children Stories Others

Oh! The wonder of seeing a snake Slithering its way to make one read more

1     201    45    2579

Party Mood
© Simran Gangaramani

Children Stories Others

Still, the party hits our dreams, Nuts about the forthcoming party read more

1     24    1    8233

Living Teddybear
© Tanya Gupta

Children Stories Others

Tall like a giraffe, Cute like a hare, I don't need to buy, I already have read more

1     264    1    8232

© agam singh

Children Stories Others

Many people don’t know the true meaning of respect; That is why I’m going to help read more

1     292    0    9012

Be Yourself
© Anushree Goswami

Children Stories Others

Be the Poetry, You want to recite, Be the Story, You want to read more

1     257    3    7457

To Teacher
© Thomas Martinez

Children Stories Others

While walking on dusty land Failed to see my way home, You cleared the path read more

1     106    2    7464

I'm Not Alone
© Supratik Sen

Children Stories Inspirational +1

Yes, my dreams, in the end, will fulfill Like streams, they will come read more

1     70    3    5462

The Biggest Day -
© Manaswi Kishorenath

Children Stories Others

Christmas is Santa's day All the sadness and depression fades read more

1     25    0    9013