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When will we say enough? She is a caged bird who longs to be set read more

2     12.1K    226    6

The things he do to me, You didn’t say a word; I know what the silence read more

2     902    76    15

Hiding in the gloom away from violence, Hear my sound of read more

1     1.9K    199    16

Girl Power
© Vidhi Bhamra

Inspirational Others

Breaking all stereotypes, she runs the world today One shift at home, another at read more

1     3.2K    198    17

You go on, for you shall forever go on, You are the warrior, the son of read more

1     1.4K    59    21

Without her, her favourite sweet home looks like a piece of read more

1     6.4K    105    30

i once was a dreamer as a young read more

2     33.1K    182    33

Alone, all alone, He left his read more

1     2.1K    237    40

Who Am I
© Harsh Maurya

Crime Inspirational +1

Who am I - Someone trying to convey its life journey and what it means to be a ... read more

1     15.7K    140    41

Whether it’s day or night, hot or cold, summer or winter We have to guard their read more

1     2.2K    74    43

After every initiation and every end in my life, I saw ever; Maa, you are the only read more

2     725    72    44

The World I See
© Sakshi Maheshwari

Drama Inspirational +1

The warrior I have read more

1     1.1K    61    50

Once, A Pencil
© Nandini M Prakash

Children Drama +1

The journey of a read more

2     1.0K    60    51

Lost someone CLOSELY UNKNOWN just to hear the call, Travelled in the rough, read more

2     2.5K    217    57

Adieu, School
© Sakina Bharmal

Others Children Stories

The poem is an adieu to the school and bids read more

3     655    57    61

For he is eternal in his own way, I have nothing more to read more

1     14.7K    78    64

True human bonding is eternal, All these things should come read more

1     15.2K    177    72

And guess who are those, Who put fire in our life out with their read more

1     15.4K    118    73

The brightly lit fests, The chronicles of the internships, The black and white read more

1     14.9K    117    74

Life without you is dead but I'm alive. Of times when we were together and read more

1     10.1K    99    75

Finishing my daily chores, curiosity struck me I wanted to check the state of my read more

2     4.9K    183    83

Pangs of technology, Oozing venom of read more

1     13.9K    222    88

Lead me to heights, So, I can bring the read more

1     508    78    91

There is a very thin line between bullying and teasing, especially amongst friends. read more

2     870    37    97

His life had a full stop. Hers a comma, Both in their own life, Now faced a read more

1     264    107    103

© Shaurya Patkar

Fantasy Others

Raavana, the King of Lanka Fought with the blue God He kidnapped read more

1     12.1K    420    113

A beautiful portrayal of a teenager's passions and societal read more

3     730    31    114

© Shailaja Nair

Children Others

n my leisure I recall My childhood friends and little pal. Laughing at the times read more

1     900    55    121

Was it a mild ache of my heart? Or joy of freedom in read more

1     1.0K    52    123

One mom, who gave birth to me and kept me safely for 9 months in her womb, Without read more

1     1.5K    84    130