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To cage a bird with fluorescent wings, Isn't worth a try. It might hurt your read more

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Be My Ballad Tonight!

Inspirational Abstract

The poem shows romance between the lovers and defines how the relationship is with read more

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What's In My Bag?
© Saanvi Nalavde

Children Stories Drama +1

It’s hard to believe that our childhood does fit In our school bag, our personal read more

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Betraying trust is the nee read more

1     6.2K    330    4

Second star from the right. In this darkened heaven, lonely read more

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Empowerment is when a woman doesn't really have to think about read more

2     1.4K    96    6

A comical rendering of an fancy-sounding order placed in a restaurant; like a spoof read more

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The Solitary Tree
© Deekshitha Alladi

Tragedy Inspirational

My leaves fall in vain, under this glassy sky; My body is inflicted with pain, The read more

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I miss her a lot, When I feel lost among my read more

1     2.0K    110    9

I love the colour of the maple, oak read more

5     19.7K    3.3K    10

When will we say enough? She is a caged bird who longs to be set read more

2     12.5K    241    11

What is life and how to live? A question that haunts mankind read more

2     334    99    12

Well, there's this world I've imagined , One image that I've read more

2     959    73    13

Rape is henious, gross and sinister. Are you a mute observer of the read more

2     25.6K    228    14

The flame of justice, For Nirbhaya was burned, In the passage of read more

1     809    125    15

And out of all the things I'm terrified of, People scare me the most, People read more

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Distressed Call To The Mother!
© Diksha Razdan

Children Stories Drama +1

She hugged him, kissed his read more

1     936    86    17

What a surprise! I can hear my mom calling read more

1     1.1K    574    18

Ah how great it is If the skies were blue Souls were pure Hearts were read more

1     2.6K    318    19

Dark Scenes Behind Success
© Shishir Mishra

Children Inspirational +1

I had a dream a very big ambition, I had to reach the concealed ignition, As a read more

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© Diya Iyer

Classics Drama

Jocund mood overpowered her strife. Zeal, energy and exuberance, Death gave rise to read more

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Every human will have a killer instinct. But one should not allow it to rule over read more

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My heart melted everyday talking to you, Daily there was a new thing I got addicted read more

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Hiding in the gloom away from violence, Hear my sound of read more

1     2.1K    208    24

Girl Power
© Vidhi Bhamra

Inspirational Others

Breaking all stereotypes, she runs the world today One shift at home, another at read more

1     3.6K    206    25

The magic, the twists, the losses, the read more

1     902    61    26

The Helmet
© Karthik Rajagopalan

Children Stories Others

The one who protects us From getting hurt on the read more

1     2.8K    76    27

Poem is all about life of people during their 18's. At 18,life takes a sharp turn,we read more

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It sits in my stomach, Rules the beats of my read more

1     1.2K    404    29

Never they realise there’s only one read more

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