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Betraying trust is the nee read more

1     4.0K    270    1

A comical rendering of an fancy-sounding order placed in a restaurant; like a spoof read more

1     22.2K    198    2

I love the colour of the maple, oak read more

5     18.6K    3.3K    3

Empowerment is when a woman doesn't really have to think about read more

2     986    82    4

A Journey Through the Evolution of 5000 Year Old Traditions in 500 pages

My heart melted everyday talking to you, Daily there was a new thing I got addicted read more

2     2.5K    320    5

Ah how great it is If the skies were blue Souls were pure Hearts were read more

1     2.2K    297    6

I miss her a lot, When I feel lost among my read more

1     890    81    7

Rape is henious, gross and sinister. Are you a mute observer of the read more

2     25.3K    217    8

The flame of justice, For Nirbhaya was burned, In the passage of read more

1     591    118    9

It sits in my stomach, Rules the beats of my read more

1     735    391    10

When will we say enough? She is a caged bird who longs to be set read more

2     12.1K    225    11

© Diya Iyer

Classics Drama

Jocund mood overpowered her strife. Zeal, energy and exuberance, Death gave rise to read more

1     1.2K    84    12

The things he do to me, You didn’t say a word; I know what the silence read more

2     843    75    13

Girl Power
© Vidhi Bhamra

Inspirational Others

Breaking all stereotypes, she runs the world today One shift at home, another at read more

1     3.1K    197    14

Hiding in the gloom away from violence, Hear my sound of read more

1     1.8K    197    15

How Visible Are We ?
© Sheetal Singh

Inspirational Tragedy

The journey – where 'mistake' was a spitted word on her freedom, The journey – where read more

3     18.1K    339    16

I'm A Human
© Girish Sharma


Let’s be Humans, you and me, What we’ve been right from the very read more

1     17.9K    243    17

Looking through the window, I realized life is mysterious, After all, it fluctuated read more

1     20.7K    231    18

Dark Scenes Behind Success
© Shishir Mishra

Children Inspirational +1

I had a dream a very big ambition, I had to reach the concealed ignition, As a read more

3     7.4K    73    19

I Wish You Were A Poem
© Naman Karn

Classics Fantasy +1

Immortalizing you forever, defying the transient read more

1     14.7K    132    20

But it welcomes them home with a green carpet to read more

1     651    79    21

Can't Leave My House
© Abhay Prashar

Drama Inspirational +1

Truly my heart was made of tin... As i threw all the memories in the bin, (an read more

1     20.2K    446    22

Walk along my side daddy, To tell me the limitations of life, And to lead me read more

1     1.8K    158    23

Without her, her favourite sweet home looks like a piece of read more

1     6.4K    105    24

The Light
© Muskan Aneja

Drama Inspirational +1

1 second ago i saw the light, however no one was by my side, its fine, i'm read more

1     16.6K    142    25

i once was a dreamer as a young read more

2     33.1K    181    26

Her Resilience
© Shruti Nk


The brave and the valiant, seldom live that read more

2     15.6K    127    27

A Journey Through the Evolution of 5000 Year Old Traditions in 500 pages

With his power unknown Hiding was a vampire in read more

4     12.8K    91    28

Why fear, why excite, why react only to the unusual When everything you do is read more

2     51.4K    78    29

There emerged a read more

1     12.8K    398    30