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I Wish You Were A Poem
© Naman Karn

Classics Fantasy +1

Immortalizing you forever, defying the transient read more

1     14.8K    133    23

With his power unknown Hiding was a vampire in read more

4     12.9K    92    25

I Am
© Ria Mukherjee

Classics Fantasy +1

I am joy, I am sorrow. I am the laughter that knows no read more

2     1.1K    68    48

My thoughts like drugs, Seem soothing but kill. The moment I'm alone, My secrets read more

1     1.0K    98    55

© Ria Mukherjee

Fantasy Inspirational +1

In an atmosphere of nostalgia and stillness like a few frozen drops of wisdom and read more

1     15.2K    68    100

© Shaurya Patkar

Fantasy Others

Raavana, the King of Lanka Fought with the blue God He kidnapped read more

1     12.1K    420    112

Peace of the skies, the fear of the unknown, The cries of the broken, the love read more

1     1.3K    72    128

And finally he left, with a hopeful heart, With magical memories, and a saccharine read more

2     14.7K    81    145

Oh! she quickly swam away! So fast that, I couldn't get a a moment to read more

1     11.5K    56    179

She had been sitting alone for a long time without the knowledge of time ...for her, read more

2     653    54    267

And this amazing place known as MY DREAM read more

1     14.5K    28    285

Once upon a time, there was nothing.. But the read more

1     333    17    307

Justice was denied, bell rang from temple hill above high.When the moon brought an read more

2     417    49    329

The Warrior
© Mahi Mark

Action Fantasy

The Torch he held of Helios flames, High above the Mortal read more

1     13.6K    102    386

© Ansif Muhammed

Fantasy Inspirational +1

For the Queen can only be one read more

1     7.6K    83    431

A Girl's Dream
© Disha Bansal

Abstract Fantasy +1

What mistake she made by following the read more

1     14.4K    39    457

Her Invisible Diadem
© shivanni s

Abstract Fantasy +1

She was a marvel, a splendor, and a woman of essence; For she was more than just a read more

2     130    6    540

The demons arose Heaven was tempted, It was the part of men Where fear was read more

1     6.8K    34    557

A boy tells his story of a girl he loved but she is no longer in his life and he has read more

1     191    30    559

Have you ever heard about read more

1     14.2K    13    578

Forsaking Summer
© Aditya Thakur

Abstract Fantasy +1

" .... At the most questionable hours of night, I ask if this is what am I living read more

2     372    24    685

The Lion and Tigers fought each other Threatening and cursing read more

2     136    14    695

The poem shows the memories of the read more

3     185    3    747

The poem describes the beauty of read more

1     167    36    773

All what we need is a Leap of Faith to set ourselves free from the quagmire and lead read more

1     236    17    796

The poem shows that beauty is not just about appearance, it is in nature and every read more

1     442    14    800

Now it is normal for me To get wet in the rain Those tiny drops like pea Never read more

1     213    11    806

Life is a unique symphony. Where you have to smile, despite the read more

1     447    50    822

Weaving the imagination, Drawing in Welkin's read more

1     60    3    874

The poem describes the ride in night read more

1     273    23    969