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Clockwork Mouse Meets MR.Hare
© Mala Janardhan

Children Stories Drama +1

This is a story of a clockwork mouse to visit the read more

1     22    1    5407

The Folly!
© Sheetal Ashpalia

Children Stories Fantasy

Man decided to go up in Space See the Mysteries of the Universe at close read more

1     27    0    6238

Supernatural thriller that deals with a deadly conspiracy plotted 350 years ago, involving dark secrets and untold truths.

© Tshering

Children Stories Fantasy

The view from read more

1     24    0    3450

The Lullaby
© Krishna Ahir

Children Stories Fantasy

Whether it is about magic, Or wishing wells, A mother and Child, Two read more

2     56    2    2955

Sweet Dreams
© Diana Hernandez

Children Stories Fantasy

I soared freely in a pink sky Resting above cotton candy clouds, I sigh Gazing read more

1     23    0    4799

With his power unknown Hiding was a vampire in read more

4     12.7K    91    26

I Wish You Were A Poem
© Naman Karn

Classics Fantasy +1

Immortalizing you forever, defying the transient read more

1     14.7K    128    16

My thoughts like drugs, Seem soothing but kill. The moment I'm alone, My secrets read more

1     962    97    56

The Warrior
© Mahi Mark

Action Fantasy

The Torch he held of Helios flames, High above the Mortal read more

1     13.6K    102    308

© Shaurya Patkar

Fantasy Others

Raavana, the King of Lanka Fought with the blue God He kidnapped read more

1     12.0K    417    81

© Ria Mukherjee

Fantasy Inspirational +1

In an atmosphere of nostalgia and stillness like a few frozen drops of wisdom and read more

1     15.2K    68    94

Oh! she quickly swam away! So fast that, I couldn't get a a moment to read more

1     11.4K    56    126

I Am
© Ria Mukherjee

Classics Fantasy +1

I am joy, I am sorrow. I am the laughter that knows no read more

2     1.0K    67    62

They say - "One Who Forgives Is Divine ( read more

1     66    6    1113

Once upon a time, there was nothing.. But the read more

1     329    17    203

Peace of the skies, the fear of the unknown, The cries of the broken, the love read more

1     1.3K    72    205

Supernatural thriller that deals with a deadly conspiracy plotted 350 years ago, involving dark secrets and untold truths.

A Dream
© Dhruvi Mehta

Comedy Drama +1

Won't say anything until ya' read it read more

1     763    39    1087

Justice was denied, bell rang from temple hill above high.When the moon brought an read more

2     376    47    213

And this amazing place known as MY DREAM read more

1     14.5K    27    297

© Tribhu Nath Dubey

Horror Fantasy

The poem shows a lost person in a narrow read more

1     41    1    2191

© Ansif Muhammed

Fantasy Inspirational +1

For the Queen can only be one read more

1     7.5K    81    347

The demons arose Heaven was tempted, It was the part of men Where fear was read more

1     6.7K    33    456

Temptation Cup
© Venkatesh R

Comedy Fantasy

Angel vs Demons a tournament for deciding Humanity. Who wins the cup with humanity read more

2     52    2    2180

A boy tells his story of a girl he loved but she is no longer in his life and he has read more

1     144    28    460

Have you ever heard about read more

1     14.2K    13    472

I know it hurts when you fall Greatest defeat is not in the battle with others But read more

1     249    35    524

The Night Sky
© Jaya Ganwani

Fantasy Others

The whisking trees, the waves in the ocean and sea, The city lights like a read more

1     14.5K    37    572

All what we need is a Leap of Faith to set ourselves free from the quagmire and lead read more

1     198    16    586

The poem shows that beauty is not just about appearance, it is in nature and every read more

1     356    13    591

Weaving the imagination, Drawing in Welkin's read more

1     55    3    658