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Reading is a habit that brings forth worlds which exist only in minds. It spreads wisdom and foresightedness along with worthwhileness.


Discover the power of your pen. Explore your potential, let your words inspire millions, and revolutionise the creative world.


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And now, I realized the fact of fantasy that I am just a new born baby to this couple.  read more

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Losing father at the age of nine and taking up all the responsibilities of her mother isn’...  read more

7 min    834    117    2    

We can stop killing each other in the name of cast and religion. We can feed the hungry an...  read more

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A story of attachment, bond and emotional ties, which often become the cause of our misery...  read more

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The Moment
By Seema Saxena


God has created me that way. Your Nihaal is female by heart, by soul, by mind, its just th...  read more

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The white kid was noticed to be wearing a small gown and had no hair on head or face.  read more

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