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Devansh Vajpeyee



Devansh Vajpeyee


The Blossom Within

The Blossom Within

2 mins

They were always there for me

Though they never knew the cause.

They were there for me, loved me,

But they never knew how broken I was.

It looked like life wasn't supporting me,

Although I gave it all I could give.

But somehow, sometimes I felt that

I did not want to live.

Alone in a world full of cages,

Once I was trapped, thrived for freedom.

But now I am free, I can write my pages

As I am the destiny of my kingdom.

So I got up, dressed up,

Wiped all my tears.

A fire rose in my heart

I forgot all my fears.

The storm inside me roared,

Outside the trees started to sway.

Alone in a stormy night was I, my spirits soared,

As for my sake, I ran away.

The path of the woods always scared me,

As it was deep, dark and rough.

But today, it didn't seem such

As to deal with I already had enough.

My only friend was in the sky,

With its sapphire blue light.

The crescent upon which the wolves howl,

Only he could feel my plight.

Only he was there,

The day you turned your back on me.

Although he's helpless, couldn't do much,

Except just to sit and see.

In the race of life,

When everyone was enjoying my defeat,

Only he was with me

Who put me on my feet.

But now the crescent was gone,

The sapphire sky lightened.

For dawn was approaching,

A gone friend, my soul tightened.

The horizon was dazzling,

Sapphire sky turned to gold.

The orange orb came out

With its mysteries to unfold.

The tree leaves turned to gold,

For in the light they began to beam.

The crusty night soil softened,

As it got touched by the light stream.

I had a clean slate,

As my life's page turned.

The past didn't matter,

As it all got burned.

Just as the earth binds life,

I was bound with my soul.

The chamber of my heart opened,

Out of me life started to unroll.

The cracks in my heart

Had put me off my tracks.

But now I understood

That light gets in through the cracks.

My wings of freedom now opened,

The wings, which were once clipped and tied.

The darkness of the chamber of my heart

Now seemed to hide.

I realized the inner me,

Under the loneliness which was hidden.

Now I know my limits,

Which are as endless as the horizon.

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