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Be My Ballad Tonight!

Inspirational Abstract

The poem shows romance between the lovers and defines how the relationship is with read more

1     2.1K    102    2

Empowerment is when a woman doesn't really have to think about read more

2     1.4K    96    6

The Solitary Tree
© Deekshitha Alladi

Tragedy Inspirational

My leaves fall in vain, under this glassy sky; My body is inflicted with pain, The read more

1     896    44    8

Dark Scenes Behind Success
© Shishir Mishra

Children Inspirational +1

I had a dream a very big ambition, I had to reach the concealed ignition, As a read more

3     7.7K    85    20

Girl Power
© Vidhi Bhamra

Inspirational Others

Breaking all stereotypes, she runs the world today One shift at home, another at read more

1     3.6K    206    25

How Visible Are We ?
© Sheetal Singh

Inspirational Tragedy

The journey – where 'mistake' was a spitted word on her freedom, The journey – where read more

3     18.3K    343    35

Hidden Dreams
© Pranjali Thakare

Abstract Inspirational

Every moment you run through my read more

1     1.1K    50    42

I'm A Human
© Girish Sharma


Let’s be Humans, you and me, What we’ve been right from the very read more

1     18.0K    252    43

i once was a dreamer as a young read more

2     33.2K    185    45

While I start to wonder what these walls are like, I think, Would they shout out read more

3     589    29    49

This poetry is based on life of human being. A balanced and parallel correlation read more

1     625    54    51

The Light
© Muskan Aneja

Drama Inspirational +1

1 second ago i saw the light, however no one was by my side, its fine, i'm read more

1     16.7K    146    55

Her Resilience
© Shruti Nk


The brave and the valiant, seldom live that read more

2     15.7K    132    57

The poem shows that we need to find the answers to all the problems and those are read more

1     372    62    58

Can't Leave My House
© Abhay Prashar

Drama Inspirational +1

Truly my heart was made of tin... As i threw all the memories in the bin, (an read more

1     20.9K    463    59

The World I See
© Sakshi Maheshwari

Drama Inspirational +1

The warrior I have read more

1     1.1K    62    70

My Country
© Jones Joseph


Peace and brotherhood is now of the past, For man now thinks in terms of creed and read more

1     526    17    72

She had Tears in her eyes, And held a Galaxy within her. She looks back to the dead read more

1     10.5K    155    74

Only a Ray of Hope A Ray of Hope can lift you up, a Ray of Hope can better things read more

2     4.6K    118    75

I see the clouds blazing colors and hue, That's red, orange, yellow, purple and read more

1     967    832    81

Who Am I
© Harsh Maurya

Crime Inspirational +1

Who am I - Someone trying to convey its life journey and what it means to be a ... read more

1     15.8K    142    84

Spread your arms and let the warmth flow, give that child a smile, a read more

1     15.0K    82    85

Be careful about every step you take in life like this read more

1     9.0K    173    89

I Am
© Ria Mukherjee

Classics Fantasy +1

I am joy, I am sorrow. I am the laughter that knows no read more

2     1.2K    68    90

Generously Juvenile

Inspirational Abstract

The poem shows the human nature and explains that we are all manufacturing defects read more

2     659    39    97

The Fall
© Shristee Singh


The poem shows the fall of the read more

1     462    29    99

In this time of hopelessness and depression, will we be able to find our read more

1     14.7K    182    101

© Vivek Verma

Drama Inspirational

You are not free until "You can't spell 'Period' without any code words, You read more

1     302    57    109

The Red Trail

Classics Inspirational

The given poem captures the theme of menstruation. A phenomenon which is so natural, read more

1     1.9K    205    114

When I give birth, I am the MOTHER. I idealise love. For you, my child, I am the read more

2     181    21    117