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Rohit Agarwal



Rohit Agarwal




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Money, Love, Happiness, Death - ask for all

But not for Destiny.

Destiny is a stepmother - unpredictable.

Destiny has no eyes, it has no ears.


It beholds not what you seek.

It harks not what you beseech.


Oh! Destiny when will you be someone’s own?

My wisdom has already lost its wit. 


And my heart believes in you.

Break not my heart, Destiny.


It's stupid and moronic. It gives credence even to you.

Destiny decides the past.


What past decided, future can decide not.

Destiny can only stare but say


A flower when blooms without its leaves.

When have rains sought your permission?


Dear Destiny!

Master created you not.


Nature nurtured you not.

Destiny, there is no proof of even your creation.

Noble heart, hold your breath forever, 

As you believe in what exists not. 

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