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Thiru C J (Dazzle)



Thiru C J (Dazzle)


Ravage -A Disguise

Ravage -A Disguise

2 mins 104 2 mins 104

Living on our dreams? No, 

Sustaining amidst fears, 

Few lives penniless,

Disconsolate souls, 

Muttering hearts, 

Quarantine files, 

Haunting breakdowns, 

Economic depressions, 

Words conquering the world. 

Behavior identical to rodents, 

Lurking, peeping out for essentials, 

Hoarding our stuff, 

Fleeing away as peoplep approach ! 

A phase reminding us, 

Nothing to be taken for granted, 

Value the co-existence. 

A phase to make us realize love for nature, 

Corona may or may not be detrimental, 

But to never let our spirits down, 

 Mona Lisa happy smile is more a coronalisa mask -smile, 

Umpteen memes to keep us entertained, 

Our lives may be put in detention, 

Not our thoughts, 

Resonate positive emotions, 

Be more open to appreciations, 

Let responses brim with smileys and thumbs -up, 

Let digital communications overflow with inspirations.

A phase to express gratitude to researchers, health workers, 

Other COVID warriors too, not an excuse, 

Wear a mask, to keep business alive, 

You work well and safe, 

Will we wear, 

If it doesn't work? Think! 

Compulsive, arduous working hours, 

Alas! Few women warriors with sweat and menstrual bleed, 

Purely at discomfort with their PPE-Personal Protective Equipment suits.

COVID -its related stigma, 

Copious government announcements, 

Awareness videos by celebrities, 

Virtual conferences, innovative on-line tools, 

To achieve rapid, the effective spread of knowledge, 

Intellectual inputs to curb the pandemic, 

All magnanimous efforts to keep humanity safe! 

Temporary though the distance experienced, 

Love, concern shared is permanent indeed! 

Caring Our Relations Ourselves Never Alone-CORONA, 

Endurance and survival, the need of the hour. 

An influencing 360° turn, 

To refuel me, 

To reignite me, 

To perceive and believe, 

Something that I can achieve, 

Annihilating the challenges,

Retrieving my hidden talents, 

Probing into my untouched calibers, 

No doubt rebounding with a euphoric feel, 

Gently reminding me, 

Everything is messed up, 

Yet, keep growing!

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