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Betraying trust is the nee read more

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This story, dazzling in its powerful simplicity and inspiring wisdom, is about an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago

Hiding in the gloom away from violence, Hear my sound of read more

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When flame of love in heart ignites, It fills whole universe with read more

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Why fear, why excite, why react only to the unusual When everything you do is read more

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The earth has its own story of nature’s treason, But the heart reveres no time and read more

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Your permission or approval is not read more

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Stop talking to boys because you are a girl; I never understood why Mom said read more

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© Mo'iz Qutbi


For God only gives His strongest warriors the toughest challenges, know this and you read more

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My mouth tastes like blood And sometimes blood Spills out poetry And poetry looks read more

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One More Night
© Nisha Mandani

Abstract Inspirational

You are here to lead the world, Come out of the cocoon read more

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The moon steered through the read more

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Lead me to heights, So, I can bring the read more

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Tsunamis and earthquakes lash out on us Indefinable anger and curses attack, read more

1     785    58    106

Who am I? I am all and none…… I am sadness and fun… I am pleasure and read more

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Nature, O Nature! What a gorgeous bond thy elements read more

2     15.7K    42    114

As even your shadow leaves in darkness of the read more

1     15.3K    79    124

You are an entire dimension, All by yourself, Unexplored, marvellous, Maybe read more

1     623    144    127

You can see the warmth of the sun in her smile, Charging herself constantly to keep read more

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She Was A Woman
© Manisha Mishra

Abstract Tragedy

Where are your bangles? It jostled against her wrists, and restricted read more

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Through black, cuts the white ray of light To cheer the heart and sooth the read more

1     933    60    155

Endless Love
© Anushila Jana

Abstract Romance

The stars play with arrows of fire, The waves play with the rock’s read more

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You raised your hand in farewell to me And my time stopped there for a read more

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Send me, instead, postcards of marijuana. I shall smoke Your love away. After read more

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He stood by his brother's read more

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They fight in Battle without any fear, There is no security of future year. Who read more

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Now my ruined jungle about that traitor conceals, The nice flora which is now read more

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Show me the celestial, And I'll set my soul on read more

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I flash out, the clock spin, hearing the chirping! Wonder! Is there a horizon, read more

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Shadow Always With Me
© Vivek Verma

Abstract Children Stories

Shadow(Father) Always With read more

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This story, dazzling in its powerful simplicity and inspiring wisdom, is about an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago

© Neena Rajesh

Abstract Inspirational

I don attitude and not just the outfits, I wear confidence and not just the make read more

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