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A New Day
© Shashank Shekhar

Children Stories Abstract

Every day I die And every day I reborn The sun is new It is not the same as read more

1     293    1    7782

© shruti mishra

Children Stories Abstract

Lost like Alice lost in her world.... Puzzled like a read more

1     192    1    10148

Life Is A Cricket Game
© Satish Pattnayak

Children Stories Abstract

Here time is the bowler And patience is batsman, Who plays this game read more

1     197    2    6102

Rain, O' Mighty Rain
© Nikita Kochhar

Children Stories Abstract

O' drop of rain, you are so wonderful My sphere shines in glory only because of read more

1     27    0    9751

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Journey On Train
© Amarjeet Sonia Madaan

Children Stories Abstract

Valley surrounded by hills, Magnificent, lush, green trees, Vast blue sky read more

1     6    1    7114

Science In Rain
© Varsha Madhulika

Children Stories Abstract +1

The writer is inspired to discover science in the rain or the " formless liquid" read more

1     31    4    5520

The Mighty Hypothalamus
© Parth Muthe

Children Stories Abstract +1

The evil of poetry, I thought would have never been this bad, The humans are read more

1     530    8    3987

© Chandrima Mishra

Children Stories Abstract

Words are the most powerful yet trivialized element in the read more

1     208    0    8758

Mother Nature
© Velsina Rodrigues

Children Stories Abstract

The sky so blue, The trees so green, The cloud so white, And the day so read more

1     271    0    9274

© sakshi chauhan

Children Stories Abstract

Just like an unceasing wave of the ocean, She's dynamic, vital, bouncy and read more

1     40    4    2215

A Bookaholic

Children Stories Abstract

Pages smell like red wine from those fountains of leaky wax forms. Letters carved read more

1     231    3    3893

Seven Years
© Naavya Shetty

Children Stories Abstract

This is a short poem I have dedicated to a friend I hold very dear. Lately, she has read more

2     22    1    1009

Yujo (friendship)
© Samridhi Vijay vargiya

Children Stories Abstract

The poem shows gratitude and importance of a read more

2     5    1    2788

My Daffodil
© Najam Us Saher

Children Stories Abstract

Slowly and carefully I climbed up the hills, I waited restlessly but patiently to read more

2     310    0    3787

© Rahul Kumar

Children Stories Abstract

I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree. A tree whose read more

1     224    3    4491

When I Am What I Am
© Ritu Sama

Children Stories Abstract

It's just sometimes that I wish Time was in my hands Rather than just a watch read more

1     307    47    548

I Am Fear
© MeenalSonal Mathur

Children Stories Abstract

Only one can defeat me in the entire creation Courage is the one that makes me read more

1     124    10    4594

© Anshara Jahan

Children Stories Abstract

They fall between the two cliffs of thoughts Touch the ground sprouting read more

1     184    27    3934

The Rain
© Abi

Children Stories Abstract

I saw the earth inviting the rain Opening up with gratitude, dancing read more

1     145    18    2866

Come, Come, Wind
© Uddhav Bhaiwal

Children Stories Abstract

Come, come wind And bring with you Hopes and prospects That are read more

1     319    8    5499

The Nature
© Naivedhi Gandhi

Children Stories Abstract

The sunlight, The peace in the air, The chirping of read more

1     140    19    9327

What I Wear
© Dushyant Bhattacharjee

Children Stories Abstract

In summer I wear lots of cottons In winter I wear lots of wool In monsoons, I read more

1     3    1    4505

The Sky
© Ankumoni Das

Children Stories Abstract

We may not always have rooftops overhead; but The blue yonder always forms a read more

1     244    41    2980

© Shirsha Ganguly

Children Stories Abstract

You make people happy, You make the kids smile, You destroy the read more

1     176    4    6089

After The Rain
© sana farahani

Children Stories Abstract

The rain has ceased and in my room The sunshine pours an airy read more

1     129    9    7737

I Saw The Rain
© Abi

Children Stories Abstract

It whispered in symphony To the beauty of the drizzle Like the soul that read more

1     22    1    5442

© Divya Bhavsar

Children Stories Abstract

After all, those teary nights have gone, Finally, there is an arrival of a new read more

1     168    15    6731

Man Vs. Forest
© Ajay Singla

Children Stories Abstract

The forest, nature, Are not the things to play, Protect wildlife, protect read more

1     289    32    4518

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It Is All About H2O
© Chattanathan D

Children Stories Abstract

I was hit by the bullet Blood oozed out of me But It came out of my read more

1     288    8    3513

A Day
© Vishrutha Mallesa

Children Stories Abstract

The sun rises again Glistening with the clouds Spreading punctuality To the read more

1     17    3    6096