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Abhik Shome



Abhik Shome


A Romance Against Time

A Romance Against Time

3 mins

I am the one who invented time
And I am the one who will destroy it
As time begins with my birth
And is vanquished by my death
But it stops only when I look at you

When I look at you
I separate your ethereal delicateness
away from the fog which made you
I find you so dissolvent
Like the weak dream which leads me
To the depths of my orange garden
But frustrates me every time by breaking
Just when I am about to validate myself there

Oh how many revolutions and ideas I initiated
How many rituals I followed
How many things I touched
How many times I washed my soul
Just to get there
But every time I failed
But with just one look of yours
I am there in my garden in all its vividness
You realize what this means to me
I can give my death away to be here with you now
I do not want to make any sudden movements
In fact, I do not want to move at all
As moving will destroy this dream
And sentence me back to the perennial shackles of time
Free me from my primordial self which is caged by time
Make me a creature free of it

All my movements will now be through you
I will channel my spirituality through you
As the holy Gangotri does
Spreading its nectar
Through the channels of Ganga
Now you originate from me
I am your source and life

Be my harbinger
Be my excitement, be my frustration
Be my happiness, be my wilderness
Be my religion, be my apostasy
Be my all, be my nothing
As the source of nothing
Will create the universe again

You are my poetry
You made me say what the human romance will never conceive
Oh how long I searched for these words
How long I hunted for this sculpture of articulation
But never could find it
As existence itself has never been articulated
But one look of yours
And you made me Advaita with you
Like a cosmic divinity where there is no division
You united me with my words again

We are the result of a billion years of cosmic evolution
Just to be here for a blip of a moment, they say
When I see you, I cannot let them be right
This will no longer be a blip if I take time out of equation
Here is the plan
You are the angel of time
And I am its devil
Let your positives match my negatives
So we together nullify time
And render it out of the equation

Let’s create a union against all laws and principles of the Universe
Let’s create a revolution against this expanse
A union against philosophies
Against Societies
Against gravity
Against time
As through the path of that union
You will be led to my orange garden

Time stops and admires you
Your face
The way the light falls on it
Makes me believe and relive my orange garden
As every shade, the light makes on your face
Exalts my clocks to stop
The hands of it become still
So that the emotions of momentum take over
As it also needs to build memories of you
As never before and never again
Will it see someone so wonderful as you

You see, time is not as lucky as me
As I will see you forever, being free of principles
But time, it only wishes it could be free of itself
When it looks at you, it wishes it was free of its laws
But it is locked into the perennial abyss of its own creation

My darling my Jaan,
We finally won the revolution against time.

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