Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win



2 mins

I was born under a star so crossed, they warned me always, I forgot,

A world so chaotic I stepped in, disastrous, hearts too firm to win,

A set of rules they thrust upon me, veiled my eyes enough not to see,

They forced their multiple Gods on me, I had to fear them, and fearless may I be,

I had to watch others follow their dreams, and cheer them all the while,

I had to underestimate myself, and fade into nothingness all the time,

I had to suppress what I thought, and not utter them until I forgot,

I had to hate things till all the love rushed out,

And blame the whole world shouting about,

I had to be a no one of all, no conscience and no soul,

I had to live among the stars, yet never shine at all,

I had to pretend, be superficial, as I shall,

I was destined to just lie and rust, die away into the mist and the dust. . .

But I wanted to win, I wanted the world,

I had the wings, I knew, from the start,

I could outrun them all, I believed,

I deserved sunshine and not the rain,

I had the courage to fight, I thought,

I wasn’t a mere no one after all,

I was an individual, I was different,

I could conquer the blue fiends,

I could rise against them and defeat,

They weren’t that hard to beat,

But I was wrong, and I wasn’t the only one,

Courage wasn’t enough to win a corrupt world,

Where metal hearts blazed with hatred and envy,

Razor sharp teeth waited to pang into each being,

Where hearts were sold on roads and truth was hard to find,

I had to live in this world, unique of its kind,

I had to forget who I was; I had to lose, with no trials,

No one would listen to me; I was loner than I thought,

They warned me always, I forgot. . .

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