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Neelam Tyagi



Neelam Tyagi




3 mins

The most beautiful thing that god made was us, humans,

We the man and the woman.

He entrusted the world to us,

 he said,



Cultivate the earth,

Make it bears fruit,

Let it grows’.”

He blessed us,

“with the joy of loving and being loved,

The joy of giving and receiving,

The joy of mutual self-giving.”

With his blessings, life was a blissful experience.

The power of mutual love and respect was the underlying strength.

It helped us evolve as the most powerful species on earth!

 but as we grew from simple to complex,

Our challenges grew and loomed above us

And overshadowed our wisdom and intellect.

In our evolving years,

We complimented one another,

 we felt and behaved in a congruous manner.

But as we advanced, we became rivalrous

And became slaves of malice and greed.

The more we progressed the more we compromised.

Deterioration and destruction became the call of mankind!

The man became the dictator,

The woman had to sacrifice,

Her place and position in the society,

And then her honour and dignity!

It didn’t stop there,

His hunger for power was not satiated,

He divided the world into territories,

The hope, that things will once again be fine

Continued to flicker and die!

Today, we stand at a tri-junction,

From where our vision for life is blurred.

Our mind and soul has become impure!

The honour of our daughters, sisters and mothers have become vulnerable!

In this unmindful game of dominance,

We have crossed all extremities!

Now nature is warning us,

“enough of your impetuousness!”

“you have become the victim of your creations

 and have spelt self-destruction!”

My heart always wept when i saw you, tormented.

But today i choose not to be on your side!

I want you to struggle against the self-created predicament.

Alas! You have brought shame to me, your eternal father!

You even let your mother down by dishonouring the women!

Because of you, i stand guilty in front of all the nirbhaya’s

Some who braved to defy you

And some who silently succumbed to their fate.

I introspect and wonder,

“where i went wrong when i created a woman?”

“i created her as a reflection of myself.”

“she was the supreme of the two!”

I had entrusted her,

 "with the power to create, love and to let humanity grow.”

“i am dismayed by the sacrifices and sufferings she undergoes.”

“i wonder, “why i didn't make each girl of mine 'the shakti and the durga?”

“i being her supreme father, her safety, was my responsibility.”

"so, you, be aware!

Now, if you don’t value her consent,

And think that you can continue with such heinous acts,

Then she’ll inflict the harshest of punishment to pay for your sins."

"now, women will act like durga and shakti"

If you dare to disrespect or bring her dishonour,

“she will not be the victim."

"she will not look up to others to protect her.”

“but she will openly defy and destroy all those who dare to threaten her!”

“I hereby declare that ‘woman’ my most beautiful endowment to mankind

Will now be the most powerful being.”

She herself will bring the paradigm shift!

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