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Nesting And 'Nestless'

Nesting And 'Nestless'

2 mins 393 2 mins 393

I waited long to be shown your cherubic face,

My angel had finally descended by God’s grace

One look at you felt like I was traveling in time,

And my eyes glistened imagining you in your prime

Independent, mature, confident and at her best,

Sitting on the edge, ready to leave your mother’s nest.

Mothers, I say, keep living in the future,

Fretting and worrying being part of their nature

It all starts off with the anxiety of colic bouts,

To when the child returns late from teenage night-outs

Like all, I was ready for the journey of motherhood,

Set to invest every drop of my sweat and my blood.

From sleepless nights, lulling you to sleep sound,

And restless exam nights- where I was equally bound

Your warm embrace and your special surprises,

That tomboy attitude and your room in a crisis

Within each moment, I have captured a precious story,

That I treasure within and store in my mind’s inventory.

Fast forward to now and I see my true reflection,

A young confident woman with eyes full of ambition

Ready to take the leap of faith outside her nest,

The home that has always been known to her best

She is hesitant, excited, yet poised to fly anon,

To find her own identity and place under the sun.

The joy of having a daughter is beyond compare,

Full of sweetness like honey or a cream-filled éclair

The mere conjecture of leading a ‘sugar-free’ life,

Inside an empty nest is what makes me terrified

But a mother is strong, and strong I shall be-

And help you take the plunge from our nest happily!

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