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Robin John



Robin John


Pursuit For The Skies

Pursuit For The Skies

2 mins


Catching the doorbell ring,

Crackling in pitch, as I was way too late;

Rushing my path to open the door,

In the very peak hour of a Sunday eve.


Stranded apart on the other side of the door;

Donned on brand new wear,

Was my friend with a wide huge smile,

Enough to showoff, for mine to go futile.


He had three big boxes,

And I hoped to make my guess so right;

When he said, would the terrace be fine!

For the dawning Diwali night.


I overwrote the footsteps of my friend,

At the pace of a snail and a tranquil sight;

While we quietly disturbed the darkened air;

In tune with a dull flashlight.


With the only apt-key left;

I began screwing up the lock,

Pushing off the grill and pausing feet for a while;

We paved the way into the no man's block.


I felt my move,

But knew not my whereabouts;

Coz I just got buried under the gloomy moon,

And faced each other as soulful shadows.


I raised my eyes to the sky,

Wondering!! Her beauty is never fading though be the darkest of nights;

So beautiful under the holy heavens,

With colors reigning all over.


Fountains of vibrant light,

Compiled with streaks of golden brightness;

Never ceased emerging from different corners,

While competing the morning sunshine.


On a hot pursuit for the skies!

We simply rendered some, to the farthest heights;

Though a few were a mere trifling,

I leaped to the roof as I did let one;

That out sparkled even the luminous stars.


Moments rolled, by the time-all covers were done,

My friend bid bye blowing out the candlelight;

I thought! I had no idea waiting for anyone,

But, I knew that "a flown rocket will have to land pretty soon".


Gazing the stars and the moon which were the only ones to shine;

The burnt papers that fluttered around my feet,

Blistered sparklers that laid piled up at a hidden edge;

And the dead ashes that glittered even after the fire.

Were the only ones left with me!


All alone!! As I sat on the cold flooded ground,

I wished and felt that :

This colorful Indian festivity wasn't the very end;

Not even the end of the beginning,

But perhaps the beginning of the end for a blissful life to lead.

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