Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Neelam Tyagi

Abstract Drama Others


Neelam Tyagi

Abstract Drama Others

Life, A Mad Race!

Life, A Mad Race!

4 mins

Life for everyone begins at the same pace.

It starts with a crawl of a baby, toddling of a toddler.

As we grow older, the pace picks up.

We begin walking and running in the desired direction.

We spread our wings and fly high to live our dreams.

The newly found independence overjoys us! 

The sense of achievement and contentment

brought us closer to our near and dear ones. 

After the day’s work, we sat together to rejoice.

But our heart desired more and more.

We wandered from place to place

searching what the heart desired!

To fulfill the whims and fancies we entered into a competition.

Once in, we were willingly or unwillingly pushed into mindless chasing.

Soon we began toppling each other for survival.

Because we are repeatedly told, “Only the fittest survive here!”

We had no choice we were already into the mad race. 

My life too began in the same way.

At each turn, I had a new story to justify the madness.

The targets, the goals, the comforts the desire for worldly pleasures,

sometimes for myself and sometimes for others! 

The race continued!

To earn wealth and to conquer, all outward possessions which promised to bring happiness. 

But no true happiness came by!

Instead, we became deceptive, perceptually misleading self and others.

The world got to see a very clean, suave, somber face of ours, 

but beneath the mask, we learnt to hide our true, vulnerable self. 

Modern life and its demands only worsened the story.

Isn’t it? 

But we had to satisfy our ego, 

so, we kept denying it all.

The career-oriented, upward mobility became a vicious cycle.

It either was endless, or we were too blinded to see the end!

We knew, “End it will!”

But end with such a boomerang?

That the whole the world will be completely pulverized!

We continued to build a future.

A better future!

Thinking one day everything will be fine and sacrificed our present.

We succeeded in creating a new world for ourselves.

In this world, we sowed the seeds of all the woes

related to work, relationships, money, time and many more.

We proudly acclaimed it as the civilized way of life.

This new life was governed by greed and malice.

Religion and politics too joined in for unfair means!

We were blinded by the glamorous artificial world.

With every step towards it, we moved away

from the real world.

Little did we realize, 

that without nurturing the nature 

we will never be able to reap the benefits of life.

Ill-fated we chose to live in our self-created artificial existence.

We thought we could change the attributes of nature,

and have dominion over it.

Simply because we thought, “We were unparalleled in comparison to other beings.”

We thought, “We could manipulate the course of life!”


We forgot that ‘Nature is Supreme!’

The artificial and tenuous world created by us,

depends on and is at the mercy of nature!

We did not realize that nature in the blink of an eye 

can topple over this game of power!

Nature, being the nurturer of all beings,

gave us many warning signs,

but we being egoistic, didn’t heed to any advice!


Mother Nature, being the nurturer and the protector,

had to sustain the home of uncountable species.

To undo the wrong, she had to bring this fate.

Today, as a result of our 'Karmas', our future has become so bleak!

We have to face the pandemic, no matter how much we plead!

We are forced to restrict, our existence within the four walls of our homes.

We did not value the blessings of nature, so it has taken over.

Look at the irony, all that we had so painstakingly built has become worthless.

It is a human tendency to find somebody to blame.

Whenever we find ourselves incapacitated by the situation, 

We begin the 'Blame Game.'

Whom are we going to blame for the situation?

Don’t you think we need to introspect?

Let’s use this self-isolation time, for seeking forgiveness,

for the human fallacy. 

Let's begin to live in harmony with nature.

Once this harmony settles in,

 we can experience the grace of GOD in the splendor of the universe.

Nature will heal our mind and soul, 

and our hearts will be filled with divinity.

The serene music of the soul will guide us towards peace and prosperity!

Then the purpose of life will be fulfilled.

As we learn to live and let others live in harmony! 

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