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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Nikita Prabhukhanolkar



Nikita Prabhukhanolkar


Mother’s Womb

Mother’s Womb

2 mins 610 2 mins 610

Embryo is formed

In mother's womb

Oh! It’s the beginning of me

All are happy

I am hungry

Placenta provides me nutrition

A tiny "heart" tube

Mouth and throat

Forming and developing

Tiny buds are growing

Arms and legs are forming

Internal parts begin to develop

The neutral tube, The digestive tract and sensory organs

I find something huge!! It’s my head

I am getting bigger

About an inch long

Hands and feet are fully formed

I can hear

I have got teeth and ears

Tiny me, excited to see

The outer world

I am growing

I am developing

It’s a beautiful journey

Mumma is excited too

More than me!!

Doppler helps her to hear me

New parts are formed

Eyelids Eyebrows nails and hairs

Sucking thumb is the new fun

Making faces is what I do

Mumma wanted to know

A boy or a girl

So, the doctor saw me through ultrasound

I am growing

I am developing

About a 4 ounce

Quickening, Moving

Mumma feels me

Lanugo has covered me

Vernix caseosa protects me

I am growing

I am developing

I am about 10 inches

I can see

I can respond

I am 12 inches

About 2 pounds

I continue to mature

I continue to develop

Changing position frequently is the new game I play

Responding to sound-pain-light

I spend my day

I am growing and developing

I am about 14 inches long

I play

I kick

I can see and hear more clear

I am growing

I am developing

I am 18 inches

About 5 pounds

I can blink

I can close my eyes

Turn my head

I respond to touch

I am ready to enter the world

Changing my position

Preparing for labor

This journey soon ends

New to begin

Moving through pelvis

I am 20 inches

About 7 pounds

Mumma holds me closer

I hold her finger

She kisses

She hugs me

Oh, I am in the world finally

I see I hear I love

Now it’s all by myself

No more of protection

No more special care

But I realized

The best home

Was the mother’s womb

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