Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Kashish gupta



Kashish gupta


From Cradle To Grave

From Cradle To Grave

3 mins

Life is indeed God’s greatest gift,

From one phase to another, always we shift.

A journey from cradle to grave,

Life is moving, life is brave.

The first sound of a baby is crying,

Gradually the world teaches new things to try.

Pampered love pouring from all directions,

A child starts to think and perform actions.

Wearing the identity of a student,

For knowledge and growth, to schools, we are sent.

We learn the meaning of water, fire, sky, and air,

How to tie a shoelace, how to comb one’s hair.

In us, future professionals are seen,

With thickening books, it soon flies the sweet age of the teen.

We learn to move out of the cities and towns,

Our aim becomes to wear degree convocation gowns.

With efforts, we get grades and good marks.

Light of education enters removing all darks,

Our horizon continues to expand with time,

Management and technology become the field's prime.

On completion of our degrees and courses,

We join medicine, economy, technology or security forces.

For duty and work, we develop an obsession,

Our identity and existence become our profession.

In the global arena, the contributions we make,

We live for ourselves and for our loved ones’ sake.

For belongingness, grooming, love, and care,

We enter into a wedding and form a pair.

Proving their point, soulmates are seen to be hell-bent,

There has never any couple without any argument.

Still, family life is charming, warming and sweet,

That’s what these elders write, talk and tweet.

Life has to lift up many more lids,

Family expands with the entry of chirpy kids.

Never knew parenting was so tough,

Bringing up children is no kid stuff.

Parenting, however, makes a lot of sense,

Parent-child relation is very deep and dense,

Together they stay like a plate and a cup,

Bringing up the next generation the way they were brought up.

Life is sloping down after reaching its height,

Children have settled now, life has become quiet.

Retired life is knocking the door,

Memories become alive more and more.

The third generation is ready to land on earth,

A continuing wheel is the cycle of birth.

Happiness re-appears like the pouring of rain,

Grandparenting brings back life luster again.

Now comes our ultimate goal,

Returning back to the supreme soul,

People mourn on the death or demise,

It is life’s another stage, be wise.

One day we enter into a deep sleep,

Into the almighty’s lap, we take a giant leap.

All of us agree in toto,

After death, we are reduced to a photo.

In this existence, life is the longest road,

Where the last destination is heavenly abode,

The soul is above the pleasure, pain, harmony or world wars,

Moves ahead of the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars.

Eternal is this fact and really true,

Life always aims for a stage new.

This is almighty’s greatest boon,

A soul migrates and talks re-birth soon.

This is the story from cradle to grave,

Life is moving, life is brave.

Beautiful and vibrant is life’s game,

Any part of the world, the process remains the same.

Life is survival and health,

Health is our only true wealth.

Maintain a decent profile,

Keep a healthy lifestyle.

If you are free of illness and diseases,

Joy multiplies and sorrow decreases,

Life becomes glowing sunshine,

Fortune and success fall in line.

In life never be bitter,

Smile and spread some glitter.

Life has all the shades of a rainbow,

So shall we reap, so shall be sow.

Disharmony causes tremendous pain,

Destruction never brings any gain.

It is life’s greatest error,

Shunning peace and promoting terror.

Life is Maths, friends are added,

No place for foes, they are subtracted.

Joys get multiplied by sharing,

Sorrows are divided by caring.

World progress has climbed new heights,

The human ego is, however, the cause of all fights,

All resources can bring in a lot of synergies.

Nations are however after weapons and nuclear energy.

Life is a thrill, life is fun,

Shoot with a camera instead of a gun.

Plant trees and check growing pollution,

Together let’s find an environmental solution.

Life is not a gamble or a rolling dice,

Promote love, make the world a paradise,

Almighty has given it as a great prize,

Enjoy and live life kingsize

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