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sougato basu



sougato basu




2 mins

I sat down beside the window with a relieved mind

To sing a song that was in store

But when I heard your eternal music

Nothing from my mouth came to the fore.

That my song alone would give me solace

That my song alone was better than all

Yet your melody refuted my claims

And my trivial voice failed to penetrate your melody's wall.

With rapturous mood, you were there

And I neglected that eternal presence

It was not long before I lost my tune

That I truly felt your true essence.

It reigned over the earth for many years

While my voice found a place only a while ago

Without knowing who I am competing with

I made that melody along the air to flow.

The day displease and delight me throughout

As if an occasion only for my song

It was then I discerned it was your occasion

Which made me prove all wrong.

I carried my vanity along this path

I bore that vanity in my heart

That it was essentially mt own self

But found it was my vanity's part.

I lost my conscience in that melody

Which proved trivial before that voice

Hearing which the bird finds tranquillity

Hearing which the verdure rejoice.

That a minstrel had already begun his song

Into the tranquil air long before I came

Alas! I crossed that melody's path

Only to achieve my immortal fame.

I heeded only to my mind's desire

The yearning that had only pride within

Which under the garb of my ineffable art

Was bound to commit this terrible sin.

But then the minstrel's presence pricked my soul

I found that a wicked deed I had done

For all the plaudits came to that minstrel

And my admirers in this place were none.

His melody was extremely melodious and splendid

That the verdant beauty was in greed

To take in more melody into the heart

Which craved to hear it indeed.

All through the day, the voice resonated

All through the day, the song was sung

It seemed on a floor a bucket of melody

Someone has deliberately flung.

My song did captivate an admirer's heart

It received laurels for my vainglorious song

It was my own mind that praised it

And again and again, I was proved wrong.

My song did attain heights of fame

But through my own eyes and not the earth

As my song was to receive fame and glory

But His eternal song was to give immortal mirth.

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