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Bhaavya Pahuja



Bhaavya Pahuja


Dive Into The Deep

Dive Into The Deep

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A journey into self-realization and unravelling the epiphany within.

I was diving in the ocean 

When, all of a sudden, 

A call barged into my ears

It was the call of the blue waters

That called me into them, 

To the floor of the ocean. 

A carefree itinerant 

Down, I flew fervent 

As a kite uncanny 

Floating into the boundless sky

Deeper and deeper

Voyaged, I. 

Seagulls and seahorses

And such majestic creatures 

Did my lucky corneas manifest

Beatific, and more beatific, as I moved

Each foot deeper.

The pearls that floated alongside me

The silver and gold

Brought a copious of soothe and serene

To my hearing and healing soul. 

The ocean floor was at rest and insight-

Unrest sparked in, manifested more insight. 

Nothing on heaven and earth 

Was as fetching as

To fathom those pearls and shells. 

I met Nemo and tuna 

My old friends

I thought they were malevolent 

But they didn't engulf me

All I could see in them was benevolence

And truth. 

Those depths perpetuated life in me, 

And I saw myself getting


I stayed there for a while, 

Scribbled this poetry-

Chockablock with epiphany beautiful! 

And then took departure. 

And this, 

Was the most rejuvenating dive I ever had.

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