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Dibyasree Nandy



Dibyasree Nandy


A Requiem for the Raven

A Requiem for the Raven

2 mins

A mask of the raven;

He is the messenger from heaven;

Those who rebelled against the crows from the sky;

Purged they were heads on display in the field of rye.

Young men with hands tied behind their back;

Tossed to the rocky ground; blood streams, bones crack;

“There’s naught but a hollow left for you to protect;

Your insolent gaze was too high, so you were wrecked.”

He loathed the screaming human under the eclipsed noon;

The boy with olive eyes dreaded not the bird of the misty moon;

“Why do you still, still resist?” He threw a dagger;

Left green eye lidded forever, backward did he stagger.

Many a sun, many a star crossed the firmament;

The world rotated over and over ‘til the past caught up, becoming permanent;

The emissary of the restless corpses; his skin turned ashen in its hue;

The boy, a damaged man, sailed through a ship in the blue.

Black plumes descended;

Lust for vengeance, the envoy from the aged hells ascended;

One eye still burnt; it made the bird cower;

It returned the century-old fear.

A link of lost eyes he created;

For he ran a sword through the raven’s right eye jaded;

What does each eye see?

A disappearing heart, despairing gashes that do not flee.

“I would’ve loved being human again, my blood has dried;”

“You expect me to mourn you?” Yet his insides cried;

“Live, human;”

“I lost my life when armaments were pointed at the azure wan.”

“Then, I entrust my remains to you;

I can cease bearing the sins of the immortals and breathe free too.

You, olive-eyed man always in my mind, pierced thyself;

Crimes of the ether throbbing within the victim himself.”

There is no mask of the raven;

Shades of pine, the other is the earth’s forgiving haven.


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