Is Align Designed To Malign?

Is Align Designed To Malign?

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How the brain

An amazing train

Nobody knows how it works

What it reflects and how it translates

It does possess the sensory organs

Precisely human beings only having such capacity to express with the parlance

The external world it alone can express

Though it is the brain which only incites us to reign

For which it subscribes its mundane fame

Clear disparities it always prevails and promotes an interesting game

Where the majority and minority cannot align under any circumstances to rave

Our civilization always having a tendency to cover up all deprave!

We may notice the beehives

And many natures’ bounty endowed to us with a shape to jive

Hexagon is a shape of mystic expression

What a grand rendition! Bemuse us in its mystic representation

Its physical rendition makes a huge appeal to our human spectrum

How far we can realize?

We too possess hexagonal manifestation in nature’s behavioral pattern

Up, Down, Front, Back

Left, right are our physical emphatic proclamation which we mere stare with aback

We human are exactly supreme

By virtue of our mind

Which can travel faster than light and entwined?

Even bees cannot travel for collecting honey for their hives

What an amazing creature we human alone

We can only sing our swan song with forlorn!

I, as a human, having a huge aspiration

The sky is the limit we resort to translating our limitation

We human only can dispel and discard the disdainful work to usher mankind with benevolence

Our labor, toil is our only solemn vow

We will force all omen to fall into our toe

Then only the symbiosis may work

Where all nefarious design and traits will be decimated with stark!

I wonder to notice the history of human civilization rolls and reign

How to cry for align pave for only malign

A single ethnicity in their respective domain with sheer caprice

Cleansing minority without any qualms and sympathy, but ready to pay a huge price

Across the world the religion and its pugnacious role

One or the other ethnic group make the huge brawl

Ultimately it is human souls subjected to unconditional sacrifice down the ages

Thus our civilization which alone progresses with candor and upholds sheer sacrilege!

Nature’s mystic blow

We all in the universe glow

Gravity at its center

Immense in its form, black hole reveals its entity in rapture

Yet, anti-gravitation is in our vain

The flow of blood ensures our lives and its rhythm with an amazing train

But no one perhaps knows

When we turn into person non-grata at an abrupt blow

Is it sensible to take pride for our ephemeral mundane fame?

We never know how and when our script of mundane life conclude without any reclaim!

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