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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Amita Suri



Amita Suri


Changing Times

Changing Times

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Why is there silence everywhere?

Why are the streets lonely?

Why are the swings empty?

Why are the parks desolate?

Why are the grandparents sad?

Where is all chirping gone?

Where has all innocence eloped?

Where are all gossips gone?

Who is the culprit? Where is it?

Do you know? Do you know?

Why are we silent?

Why is nobody protesting?

Yes, change is good but at this cost?

Should we blame gadgets, social media?

No, they are not only the real culprits

The real culprit is -I, me and you

We could not strike a balance

To make our life comfortable and easier

We have handed these gadgets to our kids

But where is the check? Where is the limit?

Social media has made the world a closer place

But who will teach kids that it is not only the place?

We are ignoring health issues. Stubborn kids, neglecting elders

The issues need to be addressed timely and wisely

The kids need to learn that without these also they can live happily

We need to tell kids what is good and bad

And for these material things we should not be mad

All the colors are important to make a rainbow

We need to teach them with examples and show

The warmth of grandparents loves, and experience is in their stories

The fresh air and playing with a friend leaves parents with no worries

Yes, we need to strike a balance fast

And help to make our memories last

Social media and gadgets are a necessity

They should not take a central role but be only a facility

Let’s all pledge to give our kids a better and a beautiful world and wonderful place

Where they know the comforts and difficulties and are always ready to face

Let’s give them memories in heart to cherish

Which will stay forever and never perish

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