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Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj



Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj


My Mom's Funeral - Part 1

My Mom's Funeral - Part 1

3 mins

Each day seeing you losing hold on your life

Would bring unrest to my mind

And it was anguished to behold,

perplexity, anxiety, all negativity, combined

How much I wished to be with you

To be near you all the time

But back home, those responsibilities

Which even you would say, were the prime.

You were the one who had blessed

Me with my first breath

And I was always scared of watching you

Taking your last breath.

Here, unexpectedly from the family

I received a call that you were there no more

How fast everything had come to an end

As suddenly you left the world's shore.

I felt numb, there were tears in my eyes

And sudden grief had enveloped me

The pain within was giving me some insight

"Is this what life has to be?"

I reminded myself of your inability to move

Also, that of your physical and mental pain

To continue to live in that state of life

Without hope, Mom, would all be in vain.

Now you are liberated from that struggle

From that stress,

And I request you to join our father, my daughter  and

The family up there in heavens.

Today when a great soul has departed

I was subtle, not maddened

In the pool of your memories, I took a leap

Backward and swimmed.

While applying sandalwood powder,  

With my hands, caressing your cold body,

I could feel the air light, breath deep, cyclone of thoughts

You were getting ready for your eternal journey.

The hymns were being recited and the body was covered

With different flowers and your favourite rose petals

Four shoulders came forward, carried you gracefully

To the last resting place, the road to heavens.

The golden flame was in a rush

Rising high and high towards the sky

In just a few minutes, the flames calmed down

All around were the folded hands, with humility quite high.

You left the world on a very auspicious day

The fourth of" Navratra"

And all the rituals gradually followed

With the last one on "Sharad Poornima"

All these signs, as they said

Were that of a truly pious soul

And I know Mom, there is nothing fake

Not even to the size of a sewing pinhole.

Humans generally pray for the peaceful departure

At the last moment of their life

How peacefully you left, hearts around were full of reverence

That is how majestically you had built up your fief.

Mom, your faith, your nobleness, your kind gesture

Was one amongst millions

Your spirituality paid you when you needed it utmost

And the radiance of your face was your soul's brilliance.

Within there is deep pain, the loss irreparable

But towards God, a strong sense of thankfulness

As coming times, the things would have not gone better

We shall ever remain thankful to God for His kindness.

Mom, you will always be remembered

In every moment of distress, joy or happiness

And to follow your way of life would be my objective

And my mission would be, to eliminate bitterness.

As I know you are watching me

From the heavens above,

Bless me to serve humanity

With care, compassion, and love………. {to be continued

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