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Such A Bliss

Such A Bliss

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This feeling abandons me,

But how to get off this aviary ?


Wishing to fly as high as possible,

Achieving of what all I am capable.


Thought life was way better beyond the school,

Now that I think of it.. it’s just a mirage and not a pool.


Everything seems so monotonous, until those stupid friends tag along;

Why don’t we choose something were we truly belong?


Just when you think it’s all done and dusted,

Past creeps in with matters old and rusted.


What saddens me is trying to fit in,

Wanting to escape yet settling with a grin.


Let’s take the charge once and for all,

United we stand divided we fall.


Let’s help each other to spread wide smiles,

Forget a little, Forgive a little and walk miles!


If you and I felt happier from within,

We’d only bring in bliss.

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