Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

A Song To Heal

A Song To Heal

6 mins

A song to heal

Do they know


My tears are real they burn my eyes with the dust of the lost

Take a look at life’s cradle and see what we’ve done

They gave life as the only escape from the terror we create

This may be where time began but prosperity moved on

The foreboding landscape caught out as time passes

The threat of aid kills everyone

Thoughts of conflict are hard to reason reveal to me the truth of hate

Show me how one person can bargain your escape

The prayer of millions unanswered screams of injustice unheard

The world sleeps

A documented silent cry was the loudest one to be heard

Placed before the world look within will you answer

On a stage made political unite the gifted for a cause to alter history

My honor is to stand for all that can’t and offer another breath

I now hear the cries inspiration guide me to resolve

Plight 1

A brave face hides the truth of fear

Children look for strength and reasoning

Even Gods can look away how can it be explained

In our forgotten corner of humanity nothing remains to exploit 

We have given everything now it is just us

Let us live let us seek our purpose

We are powerless to break free poisoned by our protectors

Sacrificed for the gains of their war

Hidden out of view take our humanity take our rights

Terrorize our every day and steal us into the night

Hunted forced to the edge of starvation then beyond

Abandoned by our faith and relocated by evils pilgrimage

Our value reduced to none our voice forever lost

To be victimized and sacrificed is a right of no one 

In your world of apartheid turns to a war of genocide

We are obstacles in the sand reduced to dust a path to the crimes of hate 

Are we to be lost in the smallest breeze

There is no safety in numbers destined for extinction

Set fire to our homes erase the village is the disguise

Nothing will ever grow here again after our bodies give back to the soil

No one left to tell the truth eternal exile


Where is our God when children are to afraid to cry out loud

If they survive long enough to shed their silent tears

They are sure to fill oceans of fear 

Where was the world when this rain came

I didn't see the face of the storm, but fear we wear the same skin

Don't we all

How can I as one right the wrong on the level done

A selfless plan drives me to unite a chorus of thunderous voice

Sound the alarm to the sleeping world excluded from your struggle

The history of humanities atrocities is no Nations excuse

Take a stand for the ones that run until there is no more reasons to fight

Compelled to rise up and and awaken I cannot look away

Salvation to you in the blind solidarity of gathered voices

Conquer injustice and encircle ever cloud with light  

Plight 2

Under the cover of night they come for us and we are gone

The crime scene is everywhere too much to investigate

Make good their escape

Search for us beyond the pages of history

To find our echo is all but impossible prove that we were here

Allow our fallen to stand for something

We never knew the world united in empathy brought together for our cause

Two worlds so different yours would reach out to us

And touch us with a tremendous destruction

A deal with the devil you shook his hand

We never knew

Proceeds of the best intention guaranteed greed’s intervention

The strength of the coming storm you could never know

Yet you saw its face

The clouds created released our death for generations to come

The world will never see the darkness, once the lights have all moved on

A shadow cast in the stillness is so easy to ignore

Take away the media while salvation is trapped at the shore

We the weak like a commodity don't bargain for me I am old I am young

We have no value sorry you had to come

Bargain for the souls that have not been sold

Who’s drum beats the loudest when the lions come to feast

You should have known this aid is no relief

Inspired 3


With singular humility compelled intentions of pure heart torn

Your world of horrors enlighten

All corners of our creative world brought together

Differences set aside the needs of us so few prove their power

Selfless creation is shared soon the world will hear your cries

The music was there

Give light to the unjust land so the planet may force change

The gift of our song unites us the need to incite change ignites

Money raised is the vehicle needed to transport aid

Feed the world the victims forgotten

Our hope is a guide our solidarity to this cause a weapon

With one voice we speak for millions silenced by the Rulers command

It’s what we came here for

Dollar signs will be the seeds that put cops in the ground to feed

Warn me of the evils lurking in the agendas of desperate men

History is not the teacher that experience has promised it should be

The world hungers for resolution on the stage that favors strength over need

I humbly gather my peers for your sake and souls belief

No prophecy foretold

Hell waits how could I know

Plight 3

Strangers to our home have never left without taking

Cleanse your soul with what remains of our memories

But look into our eyes first know us

We tell our children the gods were sleeping when the rains came and began to wash us away

Approaching footsteps in the sand proclaim they are our savior

Perhaps they are taking our hope leave behind the truth

Bury it burn it wipe it clean from the surface

Bring the struggle to a quick end

We are an instrument or obstacle people no longer

We fear their guns and can’t fight the fight they brought

The instruments of war poison our fields and gas us from above

Take away our air not poisoned

Keep us breathing long enough to watch our children suffer

Is it wrong to rush towards the afterlife 

Desperation forces us into places of hiding

We will never to be found when no one is looking

Many hands are on a suicide a nation on genocide

Do you stand on the shoulders of the ones you try to help

You have never seen us or where we live

We will not be there to receive the aid you give

The voice you bring our terror to light was the consequence of your choice

Money is your worlds power medicine food and machines bought

Taken at the shore our history of suffering is what was brought

The world looks away once victory was declared

Pain is what makes me say this its money to you but life is our cost

The sun will rise again for some life promises only one thing

Sleep tonight with your conscience clear praise yourself for your efforts

Look past the act to see how it ripples the sand

Before help finds us recourses taken by force will make us disappear

Move to the heart of Africa and pray for the rain to come

Embrace it with mouths open

Taste the drops if you dare the bitter aftertaste is proof we were there

Our bones mark the direction to the past to be repeated

Gains made by our departure fill pockets to the next generation of the dead and forgotten

Their greed is of no use where your money abandons

You beware of waits for you at the gate

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