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Tiny Hands

Tiny Hands

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Reaching out, the smallest hands arrived today

The innocence of their touch so much awaits your influence

Hard to imagine how, but they will

Powerful in the potential of even the smallest

Guide the weakest to become so strong, this is the cycle

The power to erase the wrongs of the past with other hands they guide

Wipe away the hurtful things that stain our memory soon to fade

The pain never leaves a small amount of needs to last


Tiny hands yet to touch the world

Be the reason for my righteous redirection from all my errors

The blank canvas of life’s possibilities awaits your touch

Can those hands paint, can they sculpt, can they make music

Without touching a brush, clay or the keys

Can they? Yes, in their own way


Tiny hands created to take on a burden

Larger than anyone could ever imagine

Create the hands that create all tomorrows

A hand raised against you today may be the help you need

To live past and prepare for what’s to come

Never look past a moment to learn

Even the hurtful times may not always be too bad


Tiny hands hold what’s dearest

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