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Shreyosee Sarkar



Shreyosee Sarkar


Go Back Corona

Go Back Corona

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It all started around November 2019

A deadly virus, coercively named COVID-19.

It first rose in the lands of China,

And there, it was originally named corona.

Talking about origins, it came from bats,

Like the plague, which came from rats.

Unlike Ebola, it’s not that life-threatening,

Yet it haunts us, as for it’s cure there are no vaccines.

Symptoms, like that of flu, like fever, cough and cold.

It is not age or gender biased, and can catch anybody, young or old.

Valian Chinese met Italian, friends, families or business sorts,

Valian Italians met few more people and corona spread and killed many, oh lord!

It didn’t take much time to visit India,

Spain, Iran and America.

A talk of the town, a serious matter we see

Government of all the countries came together to work on it, either friend or enemies.

Boards paused, jee mains postponed,

All trips cancelled, something we would never want.

 all transports sealed, from busses and autos to trains and planes.

Malls closed, movie releases stopped, poor Bollywood insane!

People’s response, still casual, ignoring it like other myths.

Corona, a world crisis, and the result of our sins.

There’s lockdown in almost every city,

 every state and every county.

The matter that we once took lightly,

It is now impacting upon us heavily!

Yet, it’s not impossible to overcome it,

Just follow the rules and be cautious a bit.

Don’t step out of house unless needed,

Spend time with your family, sleep, eat and read.

Wash and sanitize your hands regularly.

Wear masks, cover your mouth with kerchief while sneezing and act pragmatically.

Practice social distancing and work from home,

And play games to avoid boredom!

Doctors and nurses, in form of gods,

Are taking care of the patients like their own wards.

This is like another test, taken by god to check our patience

Like the great depression of 1929 or our struggle for independence.

Staying at home is the best preventive measure to take and if we learn to wait,

Then happiness will again knock our fate!                                                  

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