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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Shraddha Gauhar



Shraddha Gauhar


Three Eternal Words: MAA

Three Eternal Words: MAA

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She is the one who carried me

For months 

She is the one who falls in love

With me at once

She is the one who becomes a child

When I visit after a long time.

She is the one keeping me

Always her prime.

She still remembers how much 

Spicy I like my food

See how innocently she opens 

The door and stood.

Waiting for a warm and tight hug

Just over our old door rug.

The tea made by her 

Would give me jitter

As if the love she has filtered

And instead of sugar,

Her touch she stirred.

Together we would talk for hours

From neighbors, relatives, and cars

About how my boss is drilling me

How much traffic is killing me?

Cozily sleeping in her lap,

Forgetting about all my life's crap.

As if her love turns into

Something like a magical wrap.

We weave the best bond so far. 

Feeling ourselves fully in power

Spending with her every single hour

Gazing together twinkiling star.

The days with her fly like minutes

Taking a feel of zenith.

The memories blanket we spin

Together in gossip a world, we win.

And as the day to go leave approach

I know she is saddened, but never told

Her breath is on hold

And the heart is cold...

I know time is running, and she is getting old.

Warm and long hug once again

Both feeling each other pain.

Goodbye with a forehead kiss

So that she remembers how much I miss

Difficult to say goodbye as all know.

But its life and we have to follow.

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