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Himani Meratwal



Himani Meratwal


The Darkness Completes Me

The Darkness Completes Me

2 mins

The darkness in me greets the darkness in you,

To you, this might not seem so true,

A known fable of a dark and a light wolf

-a battle of two

One includes regret, greed, false pride, inferiority, anxiety;

The other represents trust, kindness, gratitude, serenity, and humility.

Whom do you prefer? Who wins?

It's the one whom you choose to feed wins.

The darkness needn't be the enemy,

Singularity lies in harmony.

Without acknowledging the darkness,

You cannot see the light.

Without night, you cannot know how the stars are so bright.

Every new beginning encounters darkness first,

9 months are spent by a child in the dark womb before its birth,

A seedling spends time in dark, fertile soil beneath the earth,

The hidden art of sculpture lies inside the dark rock,

It requires to unleash it to know its worth.

Without evil, no good can be known

Without lies, no truth can be owned

Without hatred, no love can begin

Without darkness, no light can be seen

Darkness is not always negative,

If you are willing to greet and see in the dark,

In spending time you'd see there is a new life to begin

Even the silhouette has its own meaning.

It depends upon how we are believing. 

You are in possession of greater riches

If you can join the shadow to the light

Then the path on which you walk, automatically stitches.

The darkness has the power in you,

It's the way how you make it true.

A same ordinary rock was given to 2 persons

One was said it to be lucky

And the other was informed it to be unlucky.

The one believed and thought it to a magical rock,

To him, everything went with the flow,

Every new opportunity had a knock on his door,

His woes got disappeared,

All his flaws suddenly got cured.

The darkness in him got confined

Because he had the power to see the world through his mind.

The other one was not so happy

Everything in life went heart-wrenching

He started seeing bad, even in good things

With the time fling,

He had cut his own wings.

The same ordinary rock which has no luckiness or unluckiness

Showed 2 different results of happiness and unhappiness.

Believing is the power,

Your mind holds the essence

Of each and every existence.

The concept of dark and light is in your mind,

The dark is not always bad,

The light is not always good.

The best of the beauty lies in the dark.

Though it runs evenly and true

Remember, darkness is defined by you.

Look at the mirror 

Go nearer

Be clear

Become familiar,

Remove the so-called term name fear

And say

"the darkness in me recognizes the darkness in you"

Because its the thing that completes you.

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