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Geeta Gahlot



Geeta Gahlot


Rain Drops

Rain Drops

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When these rain drops I see

Washing away the dirt with a cool breeze 

Serving the earth its enormous beauty. 

The flowers, the leaves on the tree

All swaying away their worries and grief. 

These rain drops want nothing in return 

For they are meant to be kind,

To quench the thirst everywhere. 

They fill up the wells and rivers 

Also make sure that justice is served, 

Do not keep any enmity or favors in heart. 

Can you imagine their value for a farmer, 

Who looks towards the sky with hope in his eyes from dusk to dawn, 

all his efforts wait for the result, 

Which he gets when these rain drops fall from the heaven. 

These rain drops when I see, 

My heart feels the joy, the strength and the love, 

Surely felt by every creature on this earth. 

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