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Vidya Lakshmi G



Vidya Lakshmi G


A page for vulnerabilities

A page for vulnerabilities

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I found myself indigestible of unsuceptability.

I get too much attracted to wounds 

Like a magnet,

They easily corrode me to rust.

I break beyond words when death passes by,

I wail silently in the shriek of a fatherless child.

It shatters me when a tree sends its pain 

To my ears through the postal wind service. 

I feel zest for life in death,

I find my mind soaked in 

the tars of road blood ridden.

When death controls my life,

I live in crematorium, 

I shall live in the eulogies, 

I may become an underrated living spirit.

I die at the deaths of my neighbours,

I cremate my fears in their funerals,

And then comes the other before the ashes turn out,

The tars of my mind again becomes debt ridden. 

Death is a universal constant 

Time, variable with conditions.

Some day 24 hours are long to handle,

Some day 24 hours are short to relinquish.

Some times a minute of 24 hours seems a year 

Sometimes a day of life is charged by the fear of death.

I stoop to learn myself,

In the moments of vulnerabilities.

I tucked in my stomach 

Affixed the core of my legs.

Felt the joy in pain,

Giving away ego in the arms of woes,

Confessing the flaws and phobias chronologically.

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