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Vidya Lakshmi G



Vidya Lakshmi G




2 mins

It all starts with a glance,

From a stranger to becoming family,

Dropping you in railway station to 

Staying long nights with you.

Boiling blood of adolescence found

Glowing smiles of infinity in you.

I found me when we found us.

My mind roams in the classroom 

Where it all sticks 

Like gravity in the earth -

And spirit in the body. 

I find myself in the past,

Where times weren't simply time,

They were moments and are memories. 

We hold each other's tears in our hands,

We love each other's tribulations as well.

We are strong because we live as 4.

I cry for days to breathe again,

When my alarm used to be your warning.

When I had 8 hands to hold the failing me.

I enter my room screening - 

The promos of our group studies. 

Simply, "The Study" of our group! 

Little laughter, endless mouth-straining concern and food.

Sorrows were shoes waiting outside. 

Now that we are not a shout in distance,

I want to climb the most crowded bus with you,

I want to be outstanding with you 

Because we are late comers.

I want to hug you with all the love I have,

I want to take away the pimples from your heart.

I am one call away, I am one intuition away.

I can live a hundred fables with you.

We are inseparable as I hoard your broken pieces.

You hold mine. 

A sea has its shore,

A tree has its roots,

Sun has its ocean,

Violets has its fleeting winter 

We have Us!

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