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The Suppressed Power

The Suppressed Power

2 mins 471 2 mins 471

Taught to cry for whatever she needs

And his cry is considered as weak,

Is this really what you should feed.

As a kid surrounded by dolls

To grow up to be a doll,

This is what makes them fall.

He dies of all the emotions inside,

Which if come out will kill his pride,

Is considering this even right.

Living with a smile bearing all the stress,

Mind full of waste which needs rest,

This is what leads him to his bed of death.

Duty of both to do the household chores,

Is just forced upon her to suppress her power strong as fighting wars,

Just to sympathize her on her last bed full of guilt stores.

His suppressed feeling leading to frustration,

Finds a way to molest the suppressed power of hers to give away to his aggression,

This is what finally leads to end of the whole conversation.

O, girl! Changing him is definitely a wrong decision,

His so created male ego would lead you into a chase of his disillusion,

But for that you are not supposed to surrender to his with a heart full of dismission.

Look for the power inside you which is hidden,

Closing your ears to this society's stupid vision,

Open your eyes to view your true image over your created illusions.

O this judging and manipulating society! Seen no bigger fools than you,

Categorizing her weak and him strong is a total loss queue,

Disregarding her power and her view.

Equality is not what I ask for because remember it would be achieved on the day he gives birth,

Giving birth is her suppressed power which has all the worth,

This is what is to be realized to kill the judging society by roots of its birth.

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