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Anushila Jana



Anushila Jana


Growing up

Growing up

2 mins 87 2 mins 87

Going to different places, driving a car,

Staying up till late, traveling to places Wide afar.

That was growing up' for me,

Quite strange you see.

There was a time,

When I hated being told to sleep,

Did everything to get that away from me,

But now that same old rage just fires by,

When I hear that alarm clock in the morning beep.

Birthdays were something fun,

Danced all day, ate cake all night,

But now March is when,

My room's filled with piles of notes,

And the burning of the shiny lamplight.

Building the highest wall,

Walking the longest mile.

Used to be my dream,

Nothing was impossible it seemed.

Raindrops could be angel's tears,

Lightning was God's spear.

The blue flowers all smiled at us,

Didn't worry about sitting for the exam,

Or missing the morning bus.

The sky was my canvas,

The ocean my paint,

Puddles were my mirrors,

Freedom and thoughts,

No restraints.

Why can't our minds be that bird anymore?

What close us are heart's door?

Why consciously strangle this heart's voice?

Why not live to enjoy these little joys?

When did heartbreak, pain, and fear make us this way?

Why do we live in the same old night and day?

When did 'Growing up' become this job full time?

Dreaming and imagining isn't the crime.

Why can't the clouds be dragons again?

Why can't our hearts like the birds fly again leaving behind it's pain sore?

Growing up doesn't have to be,

Being a child no more.

Why not face the cold realities of this world,

With the warmth of a child's hearts.

Living this life to the fullest,

Imagining in conquering each day,

From the end to its start.

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