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P.Anandha Saraswathi Devi Rajendran



P.Anandha Saraswathi Devi Rajendran


Ecstasy Flash..!

Ecstasy Flash..!

1 min 251 1 min 251

Silly fights, sweet nothings,

Weird imaginations, lots of drama,

Erratic behavior, endless curiosity,

Ever bragging but still lovable,

Tales of childhood bubble with joy like a fable!

Can anyone deny the beauty of those innocent days?

Heavenly bliss filled us in that stage,

Inside out we had nothing to fear,

Like little daffodils we bloomed for sure!

Don’t you yearn for those days?

Hope you’ll face any task to back it again,

Over and over to dive into the childhood eternal bliss,

Only to smile and cry, play and fight, love at every sight!

Down in the corner of my mind sparks a thought,

How I wish I remain a child at heart,

Only to live a lively life again,

Filled with love and no pain!

Darling, never miss a chance if you get one,

Remember it would be great fun,

Every second in present is of value,

May your life be blessed with more hue!

Into the world of childhood, once in a way I just peep,

Never is it very deep,

Everywhere and everything does love bind,

Only fun rules, the rest never mind!

Can’t this world enrich the childishness within?

Earnestly in every way through thick and thin!

Now with moments packed with love to the core,

Can’t we enjoy the perpetual delight more?

Everlasting ecstasy flashes along our life’s shore!

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