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Limerick To The Squall

Limerick To The Squall

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clasp the pitcher to quench my thirst

Just then the claps of thunder

Drops of pearls on the windows

Look yonder my brain prods

Birds sensing the mood

Flurry to escape the doom

The skies open up to sate the parched land

As I take up the grand seat to revel

Lever unlocked by nature to recycle

Torrent filling up the empty pots

Famished folks praying not to stop

Showers never expect to be so sudden

Except for the harbingers of creator

Hearty beings do a cool waltz

Smell so earthy drawing in to feel

Like a sleuth in disguise

It took the city hustle by surprise

Lashes of sleet on hapless cars

Creating hassle of mayhem on roads

listen to the puffing tempest

Regaling in not so silent night

Holding me to absolute ransom

In all the humble manors

Poodles shaking off the wetness

Jumping over pooled rainwater

Break from the mercury uppers

To delight in hot soup and supper

Respite from the sun that stew

Wets the verdant planet grassy and green


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