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P.Anandha Saraswathi Devi Rajendran



P.Anandha Saraswathi Devi Rajendran


A Leader!

A Leader!

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Alas, the day dawned for me,

Lateral and agile with its impediments,

Early to pave the way into my responsibilities,

Alas, another day for me to combat!

Dejected and bent down with the life pressures,

Eager to solve every problem…nay everyone’s problem,

Right here I stand but my heart and head swirls around for treasures,

I am not myself but a think tank for all numb!

Around the corner, in my soul deep,

Mystic feelings overflow, but I can’t weep,

Universal Solution weaver, is what I try to be,

Problems overload, Peace I seek!

Little do I understand how in life, I solve mine?

In the nonstop baggage of others struggle and stay fine,

Fame or Profit, I don’t request, but

To stay brave and face every test!

Into this fickle maze, I drive around crazy,

Never ending turmoil and surprise keeps me busy,

Granting me with epiphanic moments of life,

Every step I take to help evolves my ‘self’!

Versatile and comprehensive, I emerge,

Eternal bliss and never-ending empathy fills my soul,

Round the corner, I hear a cry,

Yes…I need to lend a helping hand …let me give a try!

Only a leader at heart stands for others suffering,

Nonetheless, one’s own trials stay buffering,

Now emerge a leader…more willing!

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