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Lakshmi Menon



Lakshmi Menon


Walk Away

Walk Away

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When you find yourself lost and surrounded,  

In an atmosphere which keeps you shrouded,

If you feel your growth is stunted, you don't have to stay,

Take the first step towards a better future, and just walk away.

When you feel stifled, unable to express,

When words seem to dry up, and the mind is depressed, 

Enunciate positive thoughts and loudly say,

It's my choice to be happy and just walk away.

Sometimes it is the people, your own kith and kin,

Those who were your partners in happiness and carnal sin,

When their negative words influence you and you start repeating the words they say,

It's time to take a deep breath, believe in yourself and just walk away.

When you feel heavy, unable to shift or move,

Apart from the stress, It could be the bodyweight you know!

When the diet, exercise and even dance, don't seem to have a say,

Just pick up your shoes, and to your health, just walk away.

Negative thoughts, negative situations,

Negative people and your own apprehensions,

Wisdom is in realizing what is transient and what is here to stay,

If it can be changed fight with all your might and if not, just walk away.

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