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Lakshmi Menon

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Lakshmi Menon

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Friendship is the only ship which would never sink,

Give it a thought, you will surely agree with what I think.

Friends are a lifeline, a constant source of inspiration,

In good times or bad, an unfailing support in any situation.

You will find friends in many shapes and in many sizes,

Don't go by the appearance, it is the heart which really matters.

Life without friends, would be depressing at any stage,

They add colour to life, which then resembles an abstract painted page.

Some are friends from childhood, the long time buddies,

They could probably recollect, how cute you looked in your nappies.

Then, there are the competitive ones, those from your school,

Always racing to stay ahead, cause it makes them look cool.

How can you forget the rebels, from your college days?

They added colour, to the dull and boring plays.

At work you would meet many, with some you would connect,

Company regulations and policies, in the canteen you would dissect.

Some would probably even stab you behind your back,

It is a competitive world, no hard feelings, stay focused, stay on track.

There are others who are your partners in grevious sin,

Together you gulp a few pegs of whiskey or your favorite gin.

You would meet some when pursuing the same hobbies,

That's where you will find friends of varied personalities.

Some of them would hop on when the going is great,

A little trouble in paradise, they will ignore even your name plate.

The ones who matter are the ones who really care,

You will find them beside you, with precious time to spare.

Even if you haven't met them in ages or in really long,

They will support you, both in your success and in your fall.

True friendship doesn't wither with time or with distance

It pushes you to become a better version of yourself.

I am truly blessed, for I have many whom I thank with all my heart.

For their support and encouragement, when I was falling apart.

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