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Take Care

Take Care

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Calling out to you, all the multi-tasking women out there,

Just stop for a minute, stop to take a breath of fresh air.

When you are juggling with your many different roles,

It's ok if for yourself, a few minutes you stole.

To express your fatigue, you don't seem to have a choice,

If you stop to rest, what will happen to the school project of your boys?

What will happen to the get together planned by your in-laws?

Everything has to be perfect, without any flaws.

What will happen to your husband's important presentation?

To complete which, he worked through Sunday without any hesitation.

What will happen to your own office workload?

Too many things to do, they seem to be slipping out of control.

Everything seems urgent, each with a fixed deadline,

In pursuit of which, you lose track of your time.

Don't reel under the pressure or let your mind get overtly taxed,

Take a few deep breaths and feel yourself relax.

Its time to take a break, sit back on your chair,

Just for a few minutes, forget the challenges and despair.

Take a quick walk or give your stiff muscles a stretch,

Listening to your favorite music will also do the trick.

No, you are not an escapist seeking an unwarranted extension,

It is just to equip yourself with some added ammunition.

After all, it is your battle, the one, only you can lead,

You can choose to seek extra help if that is what you need.

Do not forget, it is always teamwork which will get you there,

You needn't do everything yourself, delegate a few things here and there.

Make your family realize, that you stand by them, guarding their back,

In return, they need to contribute, share your workload and do their part.

Life teaches many lessons, one of them is"GIVE and TAKE"

Life is beautiful if you give more, a lot more than you take.

Don't forget to take, take a share of what is yours,

That includes some "me time", time away from the daily chores.

Take a sip of coffee or swirl a glass of wine,

Stop always thinking about others, they will be just fine.

While caring for others, do not forget to care for yourself,

What good is such love, where there is no time for oneself?

The next time around, chip in only when asked for,

Many times the burden is tagged along, when actually, it is uncalled for.

Make your dear ones independent, teach them how to face life,

Let them learn to accept the accolades and the challenges alike.

Do not forget the person you are, the carefree and happy soul,

Keeping the child in you alive, should always be your primary goal.

When you stay happy and positive, you will always find a way,

Challenges will come and go, but stress will never stay.

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