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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".



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The once dormant beast awakens.

It rears its visage proudly

And my head is immediately embroiled in agony.

Like a seething volcano, hungry and eager,

It sees the green light – all systems go –

And explodes in a kaleidoscope of madness,

Devouring the landscape of my brain.

The pain courses down in great rivers

And my body is turned into a vessel of torture.

My soul screams as the unbearable heat

Consumes the living tissue

And sets my nerve points on fire

While, inexplicably, the ice in my heart hardens

And the cold pervades my entire existence.

The black hole eclipses –

- the stars blink out one by one

And darkness lays its tattered shroud upon me.

I have become a dual entity.

I feel the bars of my claustrophobic cage

My paranoia knows no bounds

I shiver as cold fingers dance on my spine.

A whirlwind of hatred takes possession

As I slam my head against the wall

And my shaking hands try to tear through

The jeering mirror that appears before me.

The malignant rust spreads and overpowers

And the spiral staircase is clogged and twisted.

The crystal dome lies shattered on the floor –

My skull is being squeezed in a vice.

Evil winds buffet my body like a doll

And I am a puppet jerking to and fro

To the insane melody of the lunatic piper.

The megalomaniac has been totally erased.

In his place now lies a cowering idiot

Who raves and rants without knowing the reason why.

The tightrope snaps and the deluge begins.

The king is transformed into the jester

And the day has turned into unholy night.

The vortex of horror opens its pearly gates

And the sorcerer cuts the thread of humanity.

Laughter echoes in the center of the universe

As the sweeper dusts the floor

And removes the cobwebs from my mind.

The Reaper is here to wash away my sins.

Pools of blood reflect the burning fires

Where suffer the foolish mortals, who unknowingly

Sold their souls for ectoplasmic pleasure.

Now, they writhe as their pulsating bodies are conquered.

Everything is clearer now.

The beast is on its feet and ready.

The venomous parasite clings

And lavishly partakes in the banquet in my brain.

Darkness rests easy and the door is eternally closed.

Broken shafts of intense synergic waves

Flood through the vacuum that has been created

For the phantoms of the nether world.

The silence is total and deafening.

The serpent slithers through my veins

And my body and mind and soul and forever purged.

The embryo is reborn in the shadow womb

Of the harbinger of madness.

The unconceived child of a million myriad forms

Is thrust upon this unsuspecting earth.

Laughter again – and the doppelganger smiles …

Shall the endless nightmare begin?

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