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Asha Radhakrishnan



Asha Radhakrishnan


Lets Be The Change

Lets Be The Change

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Winters crept in, the weathers chill

With misty morns and foggy nights

Across the plain above the hills,

The sky is grey, fog blocks the sights.

Huddled in a corner in a secluded street,

Sat the little tramps with their naked feet,

Battling the cold in shattered clothes,

Caked with grime and many many holes.

With neither a bed nor a roof above

These little urchins in our cities abound,

They mark their space along the store front

Though rules and laws still stay around...

While scurrying along in endless haste

People in their knee high boots,

Cosy and smug in their lavish taste

Challenge the weather with heavy suits.

And engrossed in their personal woes

Their unseeing eyes scan the busy streets,

A frown creasing their well defined brows

They offer some change, the urchin retreats

Its an unfair world and its time to change it

Let's take little steps and together brace it

These children make our country's future

So let's start the change, let's be the change.

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