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Asha Radhakrishnan



Asha Radhakrishnan


This too shall pass

This too shall pass

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A deadly virus has the world in its grip

All countries are affected in this new


Many cities locked down with plans to prepare

The streets are all empty , neither sound nor a blare

And whilst some are struggling with fever and cough

Some others head home, as companies lay off.

The world has now changed in a great many ways

People are afraid, its like living in a haze

With many lives disrupted, most families in pain

Remedies or vaccines are expected, though in vain

There is no safety guaranteed in a self quarantine

Or in gloves and masks or hypochloroquine

Though social distancing is more likely to stay

For a very long time till the virus goes away.

But to build strength and immunity and be in your prime

It could be the only way to survive this trying time..

All troubles and fears, have faith to surpass

This is just a phase ; this too shall pass!

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