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Gloria Joseph



Gloria Joseph


Fault In Stars

Fault In Stars

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Was there a fault in her stars,

Luck questionable, or lines in the palms complicated?

If only her appearance couldn't be rated.

Was she the only one with such a peculiar feeling of not being wanted?

She is awake every night and works hard all day long,

Reading love stories, watching movies, and listening to love songs.

Things don't happen the way you want,

So why does she pretend and flaunt?

Beyond those innumerable tears and fake smiles,

There's a long-distance between them measuring miles.

She doesn't even know if she is being missed

Was it a one-sided love, since she wasn't kissed?

Her love was true without any motive,

But how could it survive if the other person was so calculative?

Love weighs no degree, neither status nor beauty,

It's an unspoken connection with a lifetime duty.

A duty not to hurt, not to abandon,

Withstanding the test of time,

And making one realize, 'You are mine'.

She is still pondering...

Why wasn't she accepted, in spite of such a magical vibe?

Waited for a decade yet to complete, though married now with someone else, but still alive.

Alive in memories, moments and talks,

Looking for the same, trapped in bars,

All in vain, she with a heavy heart believes,

There is a fault in her stars.

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