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Shikha Mishra

Drama Inspirational Others


Shikha Mishra

Drama Inspirational Others

Between The The Lines Of Why Me

Between The The Lines Of Why Me

2 mins 415 2 mins 415

When things don’t go as per your plans when everything seems to be just upside down

Your struggle to overcome hurdle becomes unavoidable and you find yourself in a deep mess

The day’s when you want to run away from everything and hide in your cozy bed with a blanket on it

When everything looks gloomy to you, even with a shining sun, you see yourself caught hold tightly in the arms of darkness

When you feel you have been tied to rock and water is pulling you down

The more you try to open the knot, the tougher it gets to free of it

When you feel the entire world has conspired against you, and you end up thinking what did you do to deserve this, the million dollar question pops in your head – WHY ME?

When things go fantastically fine and amazing for you, you feel you got Midas touch that everything for you falls in its place

Life seems to be like a fairy tale, the one you could have never happen to imagine with you

It’s a blissful feeling you want to cling forever, even in the darkness you see your path of light

Happiness has spread its wings open wide to let you enjoy every bit of it

When everyone around you wishes to be living your life and you just feel amused by their silly thought

When you feel extremely blessed, content, make sure you ask yourself ‘WHY ME” then too!!


Everything happens in your life with a purpose behind it

Even the worries/ hardships/struggles come with a lesson wrapped under it, the cover may not look good but the inside material is every worth of it

So benefit from every bit of it, whatever life throws at you

Remember to be grateful for all the blessings in your life, but also remember to give a warm hug to the worries, let it melt down in the warmth of “Being You”

Let people end up seeing you and wondering “Oh how I wish I was YOU”

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