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Paakhee Sehgal

Abstract Drama


Paakhee Sehgal

Abstract Drama

Tangential Universe

Tangential Universe

1 min 37 1 min 37

What if my stars cross your planet

Would you stop and gleam at them for a while,

Or Will you just keep revolving with your light!

Would you bestow your light upon them,

To let them shine and shimmer on that winter night!

Would you pause that moment for the universe,

When our eyes will meet and worlds collide!

Or would you rather change your orbit,

To be someone's steady satellite!

Would your gravity be strong enough,

For my stars to fall for you!

Or would you just hold my stars at the right place,

To make an illusionary galaxy of our own!

I came here, crossing a million light-years to solve your mysteries,

Would the universe sketch us as histories!

Will the magic bestow upon,

To let us shine in the light of the moon!

Would I be able to stay in the world you are?

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