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Raman Thukral

Drama Inspirational


Raman Thukral

Drama Inspirational

Proudly Unapologetic!

Proudly Unapologetic!

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Having a newbie around is a blessing indeed

Those tiny-big eyes when stared curiously

The lips form an upward curve, involuntarily.

Seeing one smile, the infant smiled

As a result, the smile modulated to a laugh

And there rumbled down the futile worldliness raff.

In a snap, the laughing spread like a viral disease

The mob around got infected unconsciously

But the mother expressed gratitude listlessly.

To her, it was all plastic

All those strangers with their un-stirring smiling faces

Precisely accentuated her fear, shackled her to stasis.

The speeding subterranean train felt un-moving

The ticks of her watch ran hurriedly without a pause

The ambience fell silent except the echoing of lactose.

It is time! It is time! It is the freaking time!

Was all she aspired to burst out loud

Get to your funny businesses you imbecile crowd.

It was her primary bout, she was naive

But not to dismiss, she wasn’t alone

She was in public and her delinquent act won’t be condoned.

She looked around for an advice

Righteous it seemed at first, but it was all futile,

The society she is a part of, the apt action isn’t facile.

Basically, she was all by herself to decide

Momentarily, she found herself at the marge

And ceaselessly, she let the mother inside her take the charge.

She put on her shades and unzipped

Some hurled disgust, some ignored & some found her pathetic

Dutifully, she breastfed her child; proudly unapologetic.

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