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Lakshmi Menon



Lakshmi Menon




2 mins 353 2 mins 353

I looked up at the moon that pitch dark night,

Emitting radiance and shining bright,

His presence was calming in an otherwise turbulent sky,

Announcing the arrival of a storm, thick dark clouds were passing by.

They looked menacing, they were scary alright,

To hide his radiance they always put up a fight.

They thundered and threatened with all their might,

Producing lightening to give him a fright.

He was unfazed, he continued shining, emitting light,

He was simply doing his duty, following the purpose of his life.

He greeted them as always, giving them a warm smile,

Hello there, he said, you must be tired, why don't you rest a while?

The clouds smiled back at him, he was a tough guy alright,

He never feared them, no matter how hard they tried.

That's when he did something unexpected, he shone with all his might,

He gave them colour, a border of silver and white light.

He made them look beautiful, showing them their softer side,

The clouds realized that they were dark because of the pressure built up inside,

He told them it was time to let go, time to empty their burden,

And so they showered, till they became fluffy and their colour lightened.

The moon looked at the clouds without judging them for what they did,

Along their way, they had gathered the weight of anger and hatred,

They had forgotten the very purpose for which they were created,

He only reminded them, like he always did.

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