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Lakshmi Menon

Drama Inspirational


Lakshmi Menon

Drama Inspirational

My Wish

My Wish

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How I wish life was easy,

With No troubles to drive me crazy,

Every time that thought crosses my mind,

A gigantic task before me I find.

Even tougher than the previous one,

The challenges only got worse and cumbersome,

If only there was a way to look away from them,

And they would simply disappear, just as they had come.

But no, they keep staring at you,

Constantly reminding that the choices are only two,

Muster your courage and put up a fight,

Or simply run because of the fear and the fright.

At first I ran, ran with all my might,

But they followed me everywhere, never left my sight,

I realised I was playing a game of hide and seek

The more I hid, the challenges only peaked

Finally, I stopped and took choice number two,

It was indeed a tough decision, phew!!

I had conditioned my mind to play with fire.

I knew I had to walk on the pyre,

The time was tough, but finally it did relent,

For in this world change is the only constant,

In the process I learnt to wait, to be patient,

And with determination, I learnt perseverance.

How I wish I had learnt this lesson earlier, with willingness,

For now, I don't wish for a life without challenges,

Instead I wish for courage and astuteness,

To face the problems with a strong mind and positiveness.

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